New Uncensored Forum to Discuss the Sidekick

After hearing reports about people having posts deleted and accounts banned on the official T-Mobile Sidekick forum and on there was a pressing need to have a completely uncensored forum where users can discuss how this Sidekick disaster has impacted them and the experiences they’ve had with T-Mobile’s customer service reps. Enter the appropriately named

We want to collect user’s experiences as well as news articles, statements from T-Mobile, etc. in one place that people can go. So head on over to the forums and speak up!

18 Responses to “New Uncensored Forum to Discuss the Sidekick”

  1. icky Says:

    Thank you for creating it!

    As I mentioned on the forum, I went to the T-Mobile website last night on my Sidekick just to see what the update was going to be, and all I saw was “You are banned from this website.” I am not even registered on the website! I haven’t made a single post! I just wanted to view the website. I guess they’re banning people who are accessing the website on their Sidekick because they’re going to say something obviously bad? I don’t know – try it from your phone!

  2. champ Says:

    i was wondering wuts up..
    …because i went on their this morning with my phone and it says i have been banned…i ont understand why…
    because i have never posted anythng on the forums….

  3. Heath Says:

    I’d go and post my horror stories, and happy ending, but I think anyone who’s frequented the comments of the past few days here are probably well aware. ::blush::

  4. Cloke Says:

    I’m glad this forum was made. The Powered forum was ridiculous and that appletech guy is a complete tool who takes it up the ass from Danger (or gets a big fat paycheck, either or). Say something bad about the phone or an app and you get BANNED.

  5. Cloke Says:

    In a way I am kind of happy about this whole issue, as it kind of brings about the much needed death of the current iteration of the Sidekick. T-Mobile and Danger has turned off so many of its customers I don’t see them coming back to the device, nor its spiritual successors. I know I won’t.

  6. dip Says:

    If you refresh or go back & try again after it says you’re banned it will let you in…worked for me.

  7. cptv8ing Says:

    maree1958 was the first person to point out what I realized when I was talking to the loyalty rep today, nobody is promised this $100. If you switch now your sidekick service will be terminated (unless you can afford another line) and you will have no way of knowing if you were one of the people who had data restored, hence you will not be receiving the money. I certainly understand this from a business perspective but it really does stink. If you wait two weeks and still have no data service you may be eligible for the cash but you can be certain that there will be stipulations regarding who receives it. I can almost guarantee anybody that powered off, took their battery out, etc. will not be eligible because they told us not to do that. Regardless of their data loss you can rest assured they will be able to find out the exact time and date you did just that. Therefor, it will not be their fault but ours. Of course most of us did what we have been told for years to do, power off, soft reset, take the battery out, etc. . . While it may not be right they will probably get away with this. Who’s really going to spend thousands on a lawyer for a what amounts to a few hundred bucks, even though my data was priceless. So switch now forget the $100 and move on or hang tight for 2 more weeks and you probably won’t get it either. I think a few words weren’t given the proper highlights. In the event certain customers have experienced a significant and permanent loss of personal content, T-Mobile will be sending these customers a $100 customer appreciation card. This will be in addition to the free month of data service that already went to Sidekick data customers. This card can be used towards T-Mobile products and services, or a customer’s T-Mobile bill. For those who fall into this category, details will be sent out in the next 14 days – there is no action needed on the part of these customers. We however remain hopeful that for the majority of our customers, personal content can be recovered. However, you will never know if your service was restored except from their word if you switch now. Let alone who determines “significant” loss. I am at the end of my contract so none of the promises helps me anyway. (I highly expect this to be moderated if not outright deleted.)

  8. Grae Himself Says:

    to those who get the banned screen if the refresh doesn’t work. Just delete your cache and cookies and it will let you back in. Atleast that worked for me.

    On a different subject I was wondering by show of post on this site if we can figure out what sidekicks are really affected on our own. Lets see if we have any trends with who is missing contacts.
    i have an 09LX sk since 04

  9. Sara Says:

    Original LX

    I did a hard reset on the morning the outage started by recomendation of tmobile.

    Got internet back 3 days later….still no contacts.

  10. AG Says:

    What Sara Says, uh, said — despite claims to the contrary, the word about reset danger didn’t get out in time. My connection’s back; my contacts (all 387 IIRC) are not.

  11. Setnakt Says:

    The new fourm is a great idea. Not heard great things about the “official” site, and “Powered by Danger” should be called Powered by Appletec, it’s just his personial fan club, there are no “rules” except what he creates on the spot to suit his mood. Unprofessional to the extreme. The dumbass reciently stated that Danger/T-Mo can “communicate” however they wish or not at all with customers. If you got problems and there is an issue, TOUGH SHIT they can let you know or not, your supposed to psychicly know all the details automaticly yourself without any word from them. What a little bitch gimp!

  12. Bran Says:

    I am highly PISSED that I was banned from the site for only telling my sidekick data loss story. I didn’t use any profanity and I didn’t bash anyone. All I did was tell my story and BAM instant ban.
    I am calling Tmobile immediately and demanding to know why they are censoring their customers.

  13. Bran Says:

    _Elisa L: Hi Brandon , welcome to T-Mobile live Chat. I’m _Elisa and I will be happy to assist you. Please give me a moment to review your question.
    Brandon : Hi Elisa
    _Elisa L: Good afternoon, Brandon. How are you today?
    Brandon : Why have you banned me from your website?
    _Elisa L: I beg your pardon?
    Brandon : Why am I banned from using the Tmobile sidekick forum website.
    _Elisa L: That is a great question. I would be more than happy to check this out for you. I know I would be curious about that too!
    _Elisa L: Let me check.
    Brandon : Ok
    _Elisa L: Thank you.
    _Elisa L: Brandon, what was your username on the forums?
    Brandon z: gsuboy
    Brandon : I didn’t even use any profanity or anything!
    Brandon : No one gave me any kind of warning
    _Elisa L: Let me check.
    Brandon : out of nowhere I was censored and banned
    Brandon : by my very own phone company
    _Elisa L: Oh, no! When were you banned?’
    Brandon : yesterday
    _Elisa L: What did you say on the forums?
    Brandon : People were relating their stories of what happened to their sidekick and what all they lost. I, too, told my inconvenience story.
    Brandon : my post was soon deleted
    Brandon : along with several other of my friends
    Brandon : none of us used profanity. none of us said anything hateful
    Brandon : all i said was the facts of what happened to my device
    Brandon : and now my very own phone company is silencing me
    _Elisa L: I understand how you are feeling Brandon.
    Brandon : why was I banned.
    _Elisa L: However, the forums are ran by T-Mobile. Therefore, the can chose what can be listed there.
    Brandon : that does not answer my question
    _Elisa L: I honestly cannot begin to explain why you might have been removed from the forums.
    Brandon : then put someone on here who can answer it
    Brandon : it’s tmobile’s website and i am contacting tmobile
    _Elisa L: I understand this.
    _Elisa L: I know how you must feel
    Brandon : are you locating the person to answer my questions?
    _Elisa L: I regret that we are not the forum administrators. They are the ones who are in charge of the content that is on the forums.
    _Elisa L: I can definitely try to find someone for you.
    Brandon : i’ll wait while you get the right person. thank you.
    _Elisa L: Thank you.
    _Elisa L: Brandon, are you still there?
    Brandon : oh yes
    _Elisa L: I regret that I was unable to find someone who can answer your question. It is the forum administrators who are in charge of the content on the forums. You would have to contact them directly to find out why your comments are not there.
    Brandon : well gee that seems impossible as i am banned from accessing the tmobile website
    Brandon : hello?
    _Elisa L: I understand you cannot access the forums, Brandon. However, should you access the site, you should be able to get the contact us information.
    Brandon : and that “contact us” information has led me to this online chat with you. and you are saying that you cannot help me at all
    _Elisa L: I know that this could be a little confusing. However, I do not have any access to why you would be banned. Only the forum administrators could help you at this point. I regret there is nothing I can do.
    Brandon : there is absolutely no way to access these “forum administrators”
    Brandon : i do not feel like i am valued at all by T-Mobile
    _Elisa L: I regret that you feel that way, Brandon.
    Brandon : i’m banned from accessing the t-mobile website,without warning, and t-mobile is saying that they cannot tell me why
    Brandon : and cannot grant me access to the website
    Brandon : the website access is included in my contract and service plan, is it not?
    _Elisa L: The only reason we cannot give you a reason, Brandon, is because we do not know why you have been removed from the forums.
    _Elisa L: Access to your personal T-mobile account, to view billing information, as a self help resource is.
    _Elisa L: However, the community forums, are not.
    Brandon : tmobile employees have no accountability? they can just go and terminate anyone’s service without explanation?
    _Elisa L: Not at all, Brandon. We cannot do any such thing.
    Brandon : my forum service was terminated without explanation
    Brandon : by T-Mobile
    _Elisa L: Access to the forums is not a service that is included with your phone service. Should the administrators feel that there is content that is not appropriate in the forums, they reserve the right to delete them.
    Brandon : does T-Mobile believe in due process of the law?
    _Elisa L: Yes, of course we do. We comply with all FCC standards.
    Brandon : ok good. Due process means that people are not randomly punished without explanation
    Brandon : in the united states you are never arrested with no explanation
    _Elisa L: I completely understand this, Brandon. However, in the Welcome folder of the T-Mobile forums, it is clearly stated that they can deny you access to the forums should they deem that you have used the forums in any inappropriate manner.
    Brandon : Yes, it does. However I did not violate any of the terms & conditions. I was not notified of any possible violation in the first place, either. I make a post saying that I lost all my data and that it still is not recovered, and then all of a sudden my posts are not just deleted. I am permanently banned from ever accessing the website
    Brandon : How would you feel in that situation, Elisa?
    _Elisa L: Brandon, I also would feel very upset if I were in your situation. However, it does state, that they reserve the right to do so. I regret that access to the community forums is not something that is guaranteed to all customers.
    Brandon : So you are saying that T-Mobile reserves the right to permanently terminate services to any of its customers without warning
    _Elisa L: No, Brandon, not at all. I am saying that the forums is not a service. It is not included in a customers contract as a feature, and therefore, is the responsibility of the forum administrators to maintain the forums to keep them a useful resource to troubleshoot devices.
    Brandon : The forum administrators are employees of T-Mobile, right?
    _Elisa L: Yes, Brandon. They are.
    Brandon : and you said that they can permanently deny access to the website at their own discretion and without warning?
    _Elisa L: Yes, I did. It is in the terms and conditions listed in the forum welcome message.
    _Elisa L: Brandon, are you still there?
    Brandon : So T-Mobile employees are allowed to permanently deny access to helpful features such as discussing issues with other customers, at their own discretion and without warning.
    _Elisa L: Brandon, according to the T-Mobile forum page’s Welcome message, written by the forum administrator, : “If we suspect violations of any of the above, we may discontinue your access to the Forum, the T-Mobile network or any T-Mobile website, institute legal action and/or cooperate with law enforcement authorities in bringing legal proceedings against violators. You agree to reasonably cooperate with us in investigating suspected violations. ”
    Brandon : So everything that I just said is indeed correct
    Brandon : and even T-Mobile’s own employees, such as yourself, would feel upset at being treated that way.
    _Elisa L: Brandon, I would personally feel a little upset about this. However, you can always attempt to contact the forum administrators to find our why you were banned. That being said, I regret that in this matter, there is nothing else we can do. Is there anything else I can address for you?
    Brandon : No, Elisa, I cannot contact the T-Mobile employees that revoked my access to a public forum, as I am banned from the website and you yourself have been unable to locate these employees
    _Elisa L: I regret that I am not able to provide you with this request at this time.
    Brandon : I did not request anything. I just told you that what you are suggesting is impossible.
    _Elisa L: However, I am more than happy to address any new inquiries with you at this time, should you chose.
    Brandon : Do you have a rep ID?
    _Elisa L: For your reference, my ID number is 8234288.
    Brandon : Thank you. Have a good day.
    Your session has ended. You may now close this window.

    Damn. I can’t believe I told her my username on the forum…I’m sure that bitch logged the username onto my T-mobile account.

  14. fu**uMCRO$oft Says:

    That f***face appletech and the other mod on PBD that closes threads with a dumb comment are idiots. We deserve to kno what’s going on with our data services. Its not fair but since Tmo gave that 1 month credit, we better shut up and not be angry about this outage!! Please!!!!! Im gonna continue to call everyday untill I receive a fair resolution ie,, NO ETF!!!!

  15. Kara Harkins Says:

    Thank you for creating this! Their customer support is no help (saying they love microsoft does not make friends with someone who is waiting on her contacts/etc to come back from a microsoft oops) and their official forum is just a PR site (after promising on there and the phone we would get a procedure yesterday, it was another no-information message).

  16. 2 weeks gone by!!! Says:

    WELL TWO WEEKS HAS CERTAINLY GONE BY! So! Have I gotten a refund or choice to cancel for free or that lovely 100 dollars??? nope! no no and nada! Have I heard from anyone ever getting that? NOPE! and im sure no one will!!!!!!!!!!!!!! maybe the employees or their relatives but not the innocent people here! oh and the banned forum? yeah I asked a QUESTION. I asked that if I didn’t receive any email(and I still aren’t) does that make me qualified? poof! no more! they banned nearly every person on that forum. tmobile may have pretty fones and the “luxury” of switching fones with just a sim card but a HORRIBLE SERVICE!

  17. saundra Says:

    i am still having problems with my sidekick, plus i pay for 2 of them every month for my girls. we all have different problems, i still cant see who is texting me, or have any sound that i even get a message, my girls dont have contacts, and picture, i have received NO TMobile Gift card and i just want to switch phones. it have been over a monthe and a half and they still dont have everything back up and running..I GIVE UP!!

  18. ledayJeta Says:

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