Sidekick 3 Aluminum Case from WirelessGround

sidekick 3 aluminum case

This case rocks! WirelessGround sent us over one of their brand new aluminum cases for the Sidekick 3 to check out. This thing was well designed and feels like it would protect your Sidekick 3 incredibly well. The outside of the case is obviously aluminum but inside there is a nice layer of neoprene that keeps your Sidekick snug and cushions it from any unexpected blows.
sidekick 3 aluminum casesidekick 3 aluminum case

Squeezing it into the snug fit, we had to be careful not to push any buttons, but once it was in there, it wasn’t going anywhere no matter how much we shook it. The top flips down and over the screen, latching it closed. There’s a great screen protector that will protect your screen from getting any scratches. All the openings for the buttons are the perfect size, even for me with my big thumbs. I was able to pick up my Sidekick and browse around just like normal.
sidekick 3 aluminum casesidekick 3 aluminum case

For those that are fans of belt clipped cases this is a great one. There’s an extra piece that you screw into the hole that you see on the back and attach the strongest swivel belt clip I’ve ever seen.
sidekick 3 aluminum casesidekick 3 aluminum case

If you’re not a fan of belt clips, then you can just leave it off. The case is still slim enough to toss into a pocket without it being bulky. And the best things about it riding in your pocket is now the screen is protected and no more accidental button pushes! No longer will your friends get calls from your pants.

After browsing around a bit with the Sidekick 3 in the case I soon needed to respond to an IM and went to flip the screen like I normally do. Of course this wasn’t possible and I thought “Oh great, here’s the downside to this case, I have to take it out to type!” But the design of this case allows you to flip the top, and flip the screen without removing the Sidekick from the case! When you’re done typing, flip the screen and flip the top closed. Quick and easy and your Sidekick never leaves the case so it’s always protected.

sidekick 3 aluminum case

All in all we give this case two big thumbs up. If you’re looking for a stylish case that will protect your device better than anything else out there, you can’t beat this one. If you want to check out more info and order one, check them out: Sidekick 3 Aluminum Cases

22 Responses to “Sidekick 3 Aluminum Case from WirelessGround”

  1. aznmonkeyxD Says:

    WOOOT I AM #1!!!!!!! wow i want this

  2. b-easy Says:

    good for you.

  3. Grip Says:

    I wonder how it will affect reception.

  4. bapesta16 Says:

    i think thats a use less thing. y you wanna have sumthin liek that hangin from ur belt u migth as well use the case they give u or wait til they got a nice a really nice leather case. not the other one they post up here.

  5. Ya Boy B Says:

    I’m I the only one who went on this site earlier today and saw some soccer shit on here, looked to me like someone hacked the site. just curious.

  6. armobater Says:

    yah, i saw that soccer thing too, i was like wow…silver aluminum case is awesome..

  7. Says:

    hey does anyone know how to get gmail on the sidekick

  8. armobater Says: ?

  9. Says:

    i ment in the email client

  10. b-easy Says:

    yes. look in the forums of this site. and it should be in the hiptop3/sidekick 3 section.

  11. b-easy Says:

    Ya Boy B on August 22, 2006 at 8:19 pm said:

    I’m I the only one who went on this site earlier today and saw some soccer shit on here, looked to me like someone hacked the site. just curious.

    acually it was a issue with phbb. The forums where messed up with political crap. But they have everything backed up so they are good to go.

  12. Says:

    heyy wassup i know this is an old topic but i just got my sidekick on tuesday and i charged it fully the first night woke up used it and after two hours the battery was at like 15 percent but it lasted for like 8 more hours of a heavy use is there any way to fix the battery meter also last night i also charged it all night and i woke up and it was still reading that it was charging and when i unplugged it wasn’t fully charged afert 9 hours of being plugged in and turned on does anyone have any suggestions for what i should do because the battery did die after about 8 hours

  13. b-easy Says:

    Do what i sugested in reguards to the topic you posted in the forum. There really isnt any other way. The battery acually is read wrong, meaning that it says it is dieing faster than it accually is. A new battery wouldn’t help, and well.. a new device wont either

  14. darkestknights Says:

    How much you think they payed to get to write such a long, and posative review?

  15. b-easy Says:

    They don’t get paid anything. They get one for review. Divinity doesnt get “paid off” to write a review, its his personal review.

  16. bapesta16 Says:

    ok i no this off topic but anyone from hiptop forums that no how to put a profile pic up cuz i try to ask but man that shit b confusin.

  17. b-easy Says:

    it has to be less than 6KB. try hosting it with photobucket, then use the link to the picture, just make sure it is less than 120X120!

  18. bapesta16 Says:


  19. feignreality Says:

    So.. i was all about the case.. reading about it on here and stuff… but then i bought it and once i got it… i was over it.. lol i dont know it just makes it feel too bulky for me.. and i use my shoulder buttons alot.. and it just doesn’t feel like they are where they should be compared to the holes in the top.. just makes it a little more akward to use them.. and they are near impossible to use while the case it open and the sk is flipped up.. but i mean.. for carrying it while ur riding ur motorcycle.. it’s great and worry free

  20. harlemz_dominican Says:

    and you know how we all ride our motorcycles with our sidekick3’s 😉

  21. Sidekick3 Tips » Sidekick3! Says:

    […] […]

  22. ? Says:

    WTF…u guys are losers

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