Sidekick 3 button layout

There’s been some debate about whether or not the Sidekick 3 will have shoulder buttons. The answer is yes. We’ve got another page from the manual to show you. Here’s the layout of some of the buttons on the Sidekick 3. Look familiar?

35 Responses to “Sidekick 3 button layout”

  1. Administrator Says:

    Wooo I’m first!


    Finally we see something good!!!!! THANK U !!!!!!!

  3. FutrExec01 Says:

    where do you guys keep coming up with manual guide pages? if you have them, why cant we search the net and look through the manual ourselves?

  4. orlandito_colucci Says:

    omg i want it so badddddddddddddddddd o my god i want it thats not fair

  5. faint Says:

    Um, where is the headphone jack?

    If the supposed Sidekick 3 has a music player, wouldn’t there be a headphone jack? 2.5 or 3.5, it doesn’t matter.

    I think that these pages from the “manual” are just somewhat well made photoshops. I could do this if I wanted to waste the time, even.

  6. lubberts Says:

    hummm…am I the only one who finds it odd that as soon as there was “some debate about the trackball” a page from the manual was provided which showed the trackball with a description of it’s operation, but no pictures, arrows, or mention of the shoulder buttons, and just as soon as there was “some debate about wether or not there are shoulder buttons” another page from the manual is magically submitted to which describes the shoulder buttons and their functions as per the sidekick III, but no description of the trackball? perhaps it just has something to do with describing the front of the device versus the sides. it just seems awfully convenient that these pages are available for us to view whenever there is a question as to the validity of a claim or argument, but there is no way for us to view the rest of the manual, or that more pages haven’t been posted at times other than when “some debate” has arisen. is that just me? is there some source we’re getting these manual pictures from? is this person just stingy? why the heck are we only seeing sporradic pages from this document? how did this person get these pages? if they were scanned you’d think they’d have access to the rest of the manual to scan for us, or if this was an e-manual it would be even easier for this source to share more of the manual! why not do so?!?! are these pages fake?!?!?! IT’S BLOWING MY MIND!!

  7. Faufrey Says:

    well The sidekick 3 is said to have Bluetooth. so that would defeat the purpose of having a headphone jack.

  8. splunk Says:

    (Faufrey)…except for the people who don’t want to rely on a bluetooth headset to listen to their music…

    If this is an actual page from the manual, at least it confirms what many hoped, that the SK3 will support MMS!


    you can’t listen to music through bluetooth.. or can? nope!!!! that’s why you need the headphone jack.

  10. lubberts Says:

    i think the headphone jack that faint was referring to was the jack for headphones for listening to music…like stereo headphones, not a headset for handsfree operation. i highly doubt that the skIII is going to come packaged with a pair of bluetooth stereo headphones for listening to music, and since there aren’t many reasonable sets on the market, i doubt they expect the skIII users to purchase them on their own. also, if the two manual pictures are really from different pages which are only seperate because they wanted a seperate page for the front of buttons of the device, and one for the side and top and bottom features then why isn’t the headphone jack featured on this page? yet more tidbits that suggest that the “manual” photos are just faked.


    for some strange reason I think this is a really good photoshopped picture because if this is a pic from the manaul for the “button layouts” wouldn’t it show the headphone jack instead of some stupid “strap holder”? ooo also USB 1.1 whaddup with that?

  12. paige Says:

    ahh i can’t wait.and it better be worth it to because i’m spending my whole summer washing cars to pay for it.ugh

  13. Faufrey Says:

    now that i look at it hard it does look fake… i deffinatly agree.

  14. Soup Says:

    this was in the image index here for a while, along with the other pages from the manual, why didn’t they get shown before?

  15. FutrExec01 Says:

    the “power jack” shown is another name for the headphone jack…it you can remember ANY of the leaked images with the girl holding it, the plug in is up there on the top right hand side…even though this IS fake…uhthankyou

  16. youngeurow Says:

    I’m tired of the bs I want an official word from t-mobile

  17. RudeBoy Says:

    ahmen young.

  18. D_cell Says:

    I’m gonna laugh my ass off on 6/6/6 when the manual is released and you’ll all look like fools for doubting!

  19. tysonargyle Says:

    So, are there going to bumpers on it, that can be changed?

  20. SMASH Says:

    HELLS YES IM 19th!!!!!!!

  21. SMASH Says:

    thos pictures shows the one side… and as you can tell the manual is NOT correct…

    if you look… you can see a head phone jack to the left of the strap holder…

    soooo uhhh… yea?

  22. RudeBoy Says:

    lol smash.

  23. SDWolf Says:

    You know, we keep seeing these posts with supposed images out of the manual. Assuming these are legit, it seems pretty clear to me that these are screenshots taked from an Acrobat (PDF) file (I recognize the way it mangles greyscale images).

    If you have it, why don’t you just post the entire PDF manual and be done with it?

  24. monday20 Says:

    what happened 2 da edge i still see gpsr n da pics r we gonna get let down yet again

  25. tonightwestorm Says:

    i’m supper bummed on these poorly photoshopped manual pages.
    i agree with the rest of them.
    i just want real word from t-mobile.

  26. BritBrat version 666 Says:

    real or fake?

    i dont know. it doesnt seem overly real to me, but i’m no expert so…

    ugh. i’m so freaking frustrated. 😐

  27. orlandito_colucci Says:

    it looks fake yet tru 😐

  28. dollface Says:

    haha it looks like a gameboy and a psp mated. still cool though

  29. lubberts Says:

    the power jack that is listed in that manual photo, i beleive, is refering to the jack where you would plug in the adapter, from the wall, to provide power to the unit…for charging…that’s how I interpreted the term “powerjack” anyway…like the current model, it has the usb input, but it also has a jack for charging from the wall…that is not the same hole you stick the handsfree plug into, there is a seperate one for that. why call a “hedphone jack” a “power jack”? have they done this in the past? when i pulled out my skII manual it showed a “power jack” indicating the hole we use to charge currently, and there was a different name and label for the headphone jack.
    so i think that’s wrong, unless i missed something

  30. djdarkx Says:

    I still think it looks fake. Do you really think Danger would use USB 1.1 and would make a manual page that ugly looking? Way too unprofessional. 100% fake.

  31. drsus Says:

    ok ok ok

    but will this one FINALLY be able to do MMS?
    its pretty ridiculous that a messaging specific device cant recieve or send them, seriously they better have done something about it man.

  32. djdarkx Says:

    I dout seeing MMS. Why have MMS when you have email that does the exact same thing? Even if they put MMS, they may charge us extra for each message send and recieved without the unlimited messaging bundle added on ($14.99) or they will disable the “Save as Ringtone” feature, just like they did with the email.

  33. Jeph Says:

    “Why have MMS?”

    . . . Because, despite the popularity of the Sidekick, not everyone has one; and e-mailing may not be so instantaneous for them as it is for us.

    So no, MMS and e-mail do *not* quite do the exact same thing.

  34. tonightwestorm Says:

    again, i totally agree with jeph.. not everyone has a sidekick.. in fact, a lot of people don’t.. and i don’t think email is a sufficient replacement for MMS.

  35. drsus Says:

    MMS and Emai are 2 totatlly different animals.

    MMS is an instans way to send pictures or video (when applicable) between ALL phones (not just sidekicks). In fact MMS has become a major feature that a lot of people use to communicate through JUST pictures, granted 99% is to goof off, but thats besides the point.
    The Sidekick is supposed to be a messaging tool and to not have MMS is almost contradictiry to me. Id say 3 or 4 times a day someone send me a picture message from their phone….al I can see on my “messaging tool” is amessage that say I have been sent a pictures, lof on to http://www.tmobilepictures…….”…. so usually I have to wait to get home and do this since 99% it doesnt work by logging in on my SK. Now, that sucks, defeats the whole purpose when I have to do that I cant respond right away to their messages cause I dont have such a simple and popular service. So much so that its almost a joke amongst my friends that I carry this huge “Calcultaor” that doesnt even recieve pictures.

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