Sidekick LX Non-Contract Pricing

Non Contract Pricing for the Sidekick LX accidently released early by T-Mobile? Without a contract The Blue and Brown devices will both set you back $499.99.

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thanks to Malcolm J for the heads up.

15 Responses to “Sidekick LX Non-Contract Pricing”

  1. kur5e Says:

    no fuken way $500? fuk that im prepaid and they can kiss my ass i aint paying that much for it…

  2. Ryan Yo Says:

    as much as i hate that $500 price tag, i know i’ll be pulling it out of my wallet come the 24th…..

  3. kandie73 Says:

    WTF!!! My last name is not Trump or Bloomberg.. They should give us “non-contraters” a freakin break. I’m a paying customer whether it’s contract or not. What’s next? I have to give a kidney too?

  4. kandie73 Says:

    Ok ok, so I got a little excited, but D**N $500?! That is a lot of money. I already have my reserve card, so I’ll calm down and wait to see whether the price is indeed $500 or not…..damn vulchers!

  5. hamilton Says:

    Y don’t u get it on the data plan, the fone isn’t relli worth it if u don’t get it on the plan ne way.

  6. kur5e Says:

    fuk dat $500 price sht im gettin my sidekick lx on wit my friends plan im not paying no fuken $500 or $400 $299 is where im at so im all good and i already got my reserve card

  7. kandie73 Says:

    how is it possible for u to pay $200 by getting service by piggy backing your friend’s plan?

  8. kandie73 Says:

    excuse me…$299

  9. lala Says:

    Tht is a alot i wonder if it will be 600 for a le sk lx if they make one

  10. musician Says:

    i believe the price is high to me with no contract it shouldnt be more then 399 with one year 350 and with two 299 . hey does any body know what kind of card sidekick lx accepts i know its microsd but can it take 4gb or 2gb is the max will really appreciate if somebody can answer that

  11. hamilton Says:

    I fink I got tolld 4 gbs

  12. juanchito Says:

    i will give a kidney for this phone

  13. jiggaman Says:

    Fuck it,if u see, wanna it,den buy n own it 500 is a lot but fuck it I want it

  14. !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Says:

    Dey bugz I’m ghettin meh a kick lx 500 plz I rather do sum10 else

  15. 305chiko Says:

    why the f*** ya had to come out with that f***k*** phone now my b***Tc wats it and i got to get ima stick to metro

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