T-Mobile sets up Sidekick wiki

It looks like T-Mobile has taken a brave step and setup a Sidekick wiki. Things are a little slow moving so far, but as with all wikis, if the users want to create it, it will grow. Is a wiki really needed, or do the forums [hiptop.com (official) and hiptop3.com (unofficial)] and websites already out there cover all the necessary bases for the Sidekick? Regardless, it is nice and refreshing to see T-Mobile stepping up and providing something like this for free to their users.

4 Responses to “T-Mobile sets up Sidekick wiki”

  1. zman Says:


  2. ghettoboi682 Says:

    I think that it is absolutly pointless that they did this.

    Why couldn’t they have just used the DANGER OFFICAL Company forums 🙁

    It would save a lot of time and effort, and people re-joining.

    On the forums here, we have everything, or almost everythign you need to know about the sidekick..

    As well as users who know alot of information about the sidekick, like myself.

    Good job t-mobile. Once again. But atleast they are trying.

    They probably got sick of all the calls…

  3. ncmacasl Says:

    It is a shame that they set up a site that is not easily navigated on their own device! My sidekick2 has a hard time displaying and editing info there. It doesn’t even recognize Danger’s browser!!

  4. wiki Says:

    heii do u knoe how much the new sidekick is gonna kost

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