The memo?

We received this in an email from a new source, who states they are a corporate employee. Not sure how legit it is (if at all), so of course take it with a grain of salt. We’ll let everyone pick it apart in the comments like they usually do. We really, really hope that the 1 MB miniSD card is a typo. From what we’ve heard it sounds like the Sidekick 3 will ship with a miniSD card included in the kit, but not sure what size. Seems like a 1MB card wouldn’t be worth the material to even make.
Some comments from the email explaining the memo:

youll notice the markings on it by a permanat marker. its marking out june to july because it was going to be released in june but just wasnt possible so there pushed it back to july, but these papers were already printed to give to people such as employees and buisness partners. he didnt feel like making so many copies again… plus it would of wasted alot of time, effot and money. i only got one but i managed to copy a few….. so zoom in and read all the new stuff it has. ENJOY!!

45 Responses to “The memo?”

  1. Andy Says:

    First! Fake


    is this the only pic of the sk3 that we will see? I think this “memo” is fake.

  3. Andy Says:

    2dn! Its so freakin fake!

  4. dollface Says:

    i wonder if since its only gonna be 1 mb, if you can buy one with more at any retailer that sells them… or if itd be something that ur just stuck wth fir tmobile

  5. Andy Says:

    Check this:

    The “built-in” under 2006 has a dash.
    The “built in” under Messaging has no dash.

    The three should no longer go in roman numbers. It should go as it shows in the sidekick. “Sidek!ck 3”

    Ring tones????? It is supposed to be ringtones as far I know.

    Also the image is the same as the one we had before.

    I am calling this one “fake”.

  6. X Says:

    LMAO? do i even have to say it’s the fakest thing ive seen yet? thats trash dont even wase my time lol… memo…

  7. xLoveDeath Says:

    Even it says “Tri-band”. I thought it was GSM?

  8. orlandito_colucci Says:

    wat the Fu(|

  9. youngeurow Says:

    This website is starting to upset me

  10. mista j0hnny Says:

    fake… free 1mb memory card?!??! oh wow! now i can store an extra 20 phonebook entrees!

  11. RudeBoy Says:

    everyone needs to stop bichin about this website….if it “upsets” u so much then dont effin come to it..i for one love it though but geeze people come on…it aint like u have any better news to post

  12. johnnycake Says:

    10th whoooooooooooo f>U>C>K yeahhhhh!!!!!!!

  13. macfreak Says:

    “customize ring tones” ?


  14. youngeurow Says:

    Rudeboy shut up this isn’t news its just random bs and you kno it not to say that this site dosent post ne good stuff once in the blue moon but as of late I have seen nothing worth lookin at on this site so shut the fuck up

  15. SDWolf Says:

    I’m calling Fake on this one. First of all, look at the quality of the image- nobody’s scanner sucks that badly. Also, the typos and grammar errors make this look like it came from China, not from T-Mobile. Also, it’s not telling or showing us anything we don’t already know about the device.

    Definitely Fake.

  16. akadrez Says:

    There goes the sidekick 3 symthoms

  17. tonightwestorm Says:

    i think t-mobile may have contracted a 12 year old to create their manual in MS-Paint.

  18. RudeBoy Says:

    suck my balls youngurow

  19. youngeurow Says:

    Ur gay for wanting guys to suck ur balls what a “rudeboy” grow the fuck up and grow some

  20. KoryHutchinson Says:

    Ok enough with ur childish antics u 2…..take that *>tihs

  21. R Kritikal Says:

    i noticed a couple things, one is the “worldphone (tri-band)” most phones come with tri-band and are nationwide, for it to be worldwide id have to be quad-band, i did hear that the new sidekick III was quad-band (world phone) but why would this memo have it as tri-band

  22. johnnycake Says:

    yeah!! 20th

  23. HollisterNick Says:

    I dont care if this memo is fake or not… I just want the SK3 to come out already!!

  24. joseph.s Says:

    Yeah..this is a major fake. I am also in the agreement that the site doesnt have to print EVERYTHING it comes across. It is getting rediculous and irritating.

  25. Andy Says:

    Ok charlie….. I mean HollisterNick.

  26. smubound Says:

    I get confused more and more every day…I’m just ready for the upgrade program (if its even going to happen)

  27. Virus Says:

    This is such an obvious fake. Even without the grammar problems, of which some of you have the same problem. You can tell the the actual picture of the sidekick AND the “included acessories” part have put inserted into the document.

    As for this site – whoever says its shit or it sucks is a complete retard. You can’t prove any of this info so it all has the possibility of being fake. So you can choose to believe what you see and what you get, or you can go play on the hiptop forums with all the lame kiddies and losers. Your choice.

  28. BritBrat version 666 Says:


  29. RudeBoy Says:

    suck mah nutts bich fuk u…

  30. FutrExec01 Says:

    this phones gonna flop.

  31. youngeurow Says:

    Yes I agree this phone will flop and to all u bitches die slow

  32. R Kritikal Says:

    this adds to the excitement

  33. conradspinkicks Says:

    ok so the store relase date is july 10 but is the update for current SKII holders the same

    june 28th i believe it was

    ggrrr i just want my SKII

  34. conradspinkicks Says:


  35. SxySidekickerIIIGal Says:

    I’m in Canada, and I keep waiting for Fido to move the Hiptop2 to the “discontinued headsets” page, but they don’t seem to be doing it. I am so scared: is the hiptop3 a myth? will we not have it in Canada?
    So many questions…

  36. RudeBoy Says:

    if the release date is really june 26th, then t mobile probably would have already started advertising it. I’m about ready to start searching for other options.

  37. dollface Says:

    the sk3 isnt a myth, after the umptenth time i called tmobile they finally admitted that it will becoming out sometime soon. they wouldnt tell me exactly when but im hoping, soon, means within the next month or two.


    I was on and they still had the sk2 for $100 off. I thought they pulled the sk2?

  39. youngeurow Says:

    *sigh* hmmmm the mda looks worth lookin into or maybe a blackberry but I’m really losing intrest in the sk3

  40. djdarkx Says:

    >>I was on and they still had the sk2 for $100 off. I >>thought they pulled the sk2?

    What makes you say that? They are just short on stock. It’s not discontinued until T-Mobile says it is.


    @ djdarkx
    well a lot of people have been sayin that the sk2 was discotinued and even a couple of sites. here’s one of them:

  42. TheCake2005 Says:

    so i walked into a t-mobile store today and i asked the dude when it was comming out and he said late July earily August. i was so hurt. did anyone else hear this

  43. dmgmtmobile Says:

    I currently work for the Tmobile call center in Nashville, TN and we have not received any notification as of yet the exact date when the sidekick III will be out. We have has so many issues with the sidekick II that we do not want the same thing to happen with this one. As far as the dealers, if they are telling you a date they are just talking because they don’t know either. The call centers get the notification 1 month in advance or more first and as of today we have no notification

  44. dmgmtmobile Says:

    As far as the sidekick II being discontinued it has not been and will not be until the sidekick III come out. We have stop doing exchanges on them because so many people were calling in for an exchange just to get a new one (it looks new but is really referbished) that hiptop sidekick ran out and that is why you have to mail it in to be repaired and mailed back to you.

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