The Sidekick MP3 Player

We’re not sure what all this Hiptunes talk is. In the past, TMobile has tried to distance themselves from Danger in their marketing. TMobile is the only one that calls it a Sidekick, instead of a Hiptop. Why TMobile would switch to using the “Hip” name in their marketing, we’re not sure. And that ad that leaked out is terrible, at least from a marketing standpoint. Why is TMobile the biggest thing on the page? Why not a huge Hiptunes logo and then a typical “only available from TMobile” ? Why would TMobile all of a sudden start using the Danger Hiptop font when they’ve worked so hard to brand the Sidekick? Why is Beyonce’s name bolded and not some eye-catching “play mp3s on your sidekick!” Why isn’t there even a picture of the Sidekick on there? And this ad is definitely aimed at the female market with the butterflies and Beyonce. And what is the text on the image? So we’re calling either photoshop, or fire the guy that thought this was a good ad.

UPDATE: Thanks to Twex on the forums we have a link to the source image used to photoshop that Hiptunes ad. It was also pointed out that there was an SK3 badly photoshopped into her hand that we didn’t even notice. Come on now people, everytime you see a picture of a picture, chances are that it’s fake. Why not just post the original picture?

On a related note, we’re pretty sure that Hiptunes is not the name of the MP3 player on the Hiptop 3. Here’s a hint as to the real name (we’re working on getting proof to you now):

15 Responses to “The Sidekick MP3 Player”

  1. SidekickStar330 Says:

    1st comment
    my guess: “Hiptop Strikes?”

  2. pandemic Says:

    sonic boom?

  3. Woahh Says:

    Sidekick Boom! or Sidekick Sonic!

  4. SidekickStar330 Says:

    was i the only person who noticed that there was an SK3 in her hand? i thought it was obvious…guess not

  5. baxter Says:

    hey i might be retarded, but what site, what picture, what sidekick in whos hand? help anyone?

  6. AcE Says:

    Sidekick tones came out when sidekick 2 first came out. But you had to buy it and it was only $10. Sidekick tones allows you customize your ringtones (upload your own or download them from websites)… But danger or ·?· · ·??????· had a proble with this because of the price, say 200,000 people purchased it.. That’s 2 million dollers for the creators of sidekick tones and none for ·?· · ·??????· or danger.. So they made them discontinue sidekick tones… Oh yeah, the website you would get it, and many more FREE apps for the sidekick is CHECK IT OUT!!

  7. AcE Says:

    Opps.. I ment Hiptunes… Sorry… Where ever I said “sidekick tones” think hiptunes..

  8. lokpaso Says:

    looks like a street fighter character.
    “Side Street” maybe? Or perhaps something about the RIAA wanting to beat someone . . .

  9. paige Says:

    unless i misunderstood this article…are you saying that they made the hiptunes ad from a picture of beyonce?oh&beyonce isn’t holding sidekick 3

  10. cdm112 Says:

    wow…sidestreet….I am amazed a that guess bahahaha

  11. Adam716 Says:

    Nice call there Pandemic? Did you make that up?..or did you have some sources?

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  15. Layla Says:

    Amm I have this sidekick and it is so cool!!!I got it from my dad for Xmas and I am sooooo happy becouse it is like mine ex-mobile.But musick playar is so bad I am so mad becousse that MP3.It is soooo bad.
    Kiss to ya all

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