Weather Underground and Terminal

Two of the most loved applications by die-hard sidekickers have finally made it into the Sidekick LX catalog.
Weather Underground
Weather Underground for the Sidekick LX
Weather Underground is an application that gives you current weather conditions, radar images, and forecasts. Very handy for knowing whether or not you should grab that umbrella on the way out the door. The only downside to Weather Underground is that it is a recurring fee, i.e. you’ll be charged every month that you have it installed.
Terminal Client
Terminal Client for the Sidekick LX
Terminal Client (previously known as Terminal Monkey) seems to be an application that you either love and use constantly or you have no use for it. It’s basically a terminal client that allows you to connect via telnet or ssh to a server. This app combined with screen allows for all sorts of fun stuff. As an example, I use it to login to my server at home and turn my lights on and off. It’s also handy for people that want to chat on IRC. For those that have no idea what I’m talking about, chances are you don’t need Terminal and should save the $9.99.

thanks to silversidekick for pointing these out

One Response to “Weather Underground and Terminal”

  1. enriques04 Says:

    i have the weather underground application and i dont get the degree sign on my title bar, actually it looks diff. the temp and the conditions icon are right next to eachother right under date. does anybody know whY?

    heres a pic:

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