1st Celebrity SK3 Sighting

Submitted by a reader simply name “hiptop 3”:
Celebrity sighting with sidekick 3

8 Responses to “1st Celebrity SK3 Sighting”

  1. johnnycake Says:

    im 1st!!!!!

  2. johnnycake Says:

    im 2nd!!!!

  3. johnnycake Says:

    an im third tooo!!!!!

  4. johnnycake Says:

    u guyz get this from the hiptop forums dontcha!


    that picture is funny as hell !!!!


    we have all seen paris hilton, and snoop dogg with the sk2 now we get to see mary kate olsen we the new sk3. LMAO!!!!

  7. LinuxGold Says:

    Ha! That is really funny. Damn hobbits always get the SK’s before everyone else…

  8. SDWolf Says:

    “My Preciousssss!””

    LOL! I have a feeling that’s how most of us will feel about it when we upgrade. 😉

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