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A Quick Trip Down Memory Lane

Monday, January 5th, 2009

This one is dedicated to all the Black and White Hiptoppers. Aaron (one of the original Hiptop pranksters) fished out some old stuff from back in the day and we thought we’d share it with you. First up is a smoking hot ad for the Hiptop that makes me want to go out and buy 2 Black and White Hiptops even now.

A man known for his great jokes, Aaron once fooled a lot of people into thinking he had the much-coveted color hiptop before anyone even knew what it looked like:

image via Flickr

And noone can forget when he got the original OTA:

And we leave you with your “Fun Fact of the Day” – Aaron was the originator of the Cat Remote rumor that kind of launched

Snoop Dogg Sidekick II Commercial

Sunday, December 28th, 2008

Here’s a blast from the past. It’s the old Snoop Dogg Sidekick II commercial. It reminds me of a terrible joke:
Q: What does Snoop use to wash his clothes?
A: Bleeeyaaach

You can check out some other Sidekick commercials, including the old Johnny Chase ones in our previous post on Sidekick commercials.

Soulja Boy and his Fake Sidekick LX XBOX 360 Limited Edition

Friday, August 22nd, 2008
souljaboy sidekick lx xbox 360 fake limited edition

Want a Limited Edition Sidekick LX? If you’re Soulja Boy it’s as easy as this:
Step 1: Get a Sidekick LX
Step 2: Show off your big LCD TVs so everyone thinks you’re cool enough to get Limited Edition stuff
Step 3: Get your Sidekick repainted by Colorware or snag a new Lens Frame.
Step 4: Jump on and grab the Sidekick LX XBOX 360 Theme
Step 5: Go into the Catalog and download Resident Evil for $6.99
Step 6: Make a video about how you’re the only one who has this and post it to the internets!

Nice try Soulja Boy, we’re on to you. A Soulja Boy Limited Edition Sidekick LX would have been better. Maybe you should stop trying to punk people and start working on your music so you don’t stay a 1-hit wonder. Hopefully you realize how much easier (and more convincing) this would have been with a Sidekick 2008 and a custom made XBOX 360 shell.

If you follow the above steps, please let us know which “Limited Edition” you’re faking and where the video is. If you want to see Soulja Boy’s video, check it out here or below:

Via GamerTagRadioBury it on Digg

PSP + Sidekick

Monday, July 28th, 2008
Sidekick PSP

What if a PSP got together with a Sidekick? Well, design student Samuel Lau thinks they’d go together perfectly. He’s come up with a design for a PSP with a screen similar to the Sidekick Slide, and a keyboard hidden underneath.

Some words from the designer, Samuel:
-Hope to have 50,000 views and 1000 comments.
-Then i will send this video directly to Sony for consideration.
-Once i reach the target, i will make another official proposal video to Sony.
-I am also raising fund for my education which cost about C$50,000. Hope if Sony like my idea and uses it, they pay half of my education fee.
-Hope i can see the real thing before Christmas 2009 (Fingers cross)!
-So be fast, spread the words!
-Last of all: YOU can make it happen!!!

Here’s his video for Sony to take a look at:

via yanko

New Tony Hawk Site

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008
Tony Hawk

For all you non-T-Mobile customers, now is the time to get your Tony Hawk LE Sidekick LX. They’re going for $299 right now, but they’re a limited edition, so if you don’t hurry, you’ll be forced to scour eBay for one before too long. Along with the full launch of the Tony Hawk Limited Edition Sidekick LX, T-Mobile has also redesigned the site to turn it into “Tony’s World”. It’s a pretty rad interactive flash site with Tony, his new Sidekick, multiple locations, and a couple Easter eggs. Let us know what you find with your eagle eyes on the site, and keep an eye out for that Yeti!

Opening the Mailbag

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

Here at we get quite a bit of email, a lot (Ok, most) of the emails we get are the same questions over and over. So we’re going to cover them all in this post rather than answer each one individually.

Is the ota a new sidekick or is it something that’s on the sidekick lx

Hey, I was wondering, what really is a ota update? Will it benifit me or my sidekick lx

The OTA is a Software update for the Sidekick LX. You don’t have to buy a new sidekick for the OTA. Yes, your sidekick will benefit from the update of course. Read our previous posts on the new features.

How can I get the OTA update in my sidekick lx

how do you get the ota update for the lx? through an email or something

U probably are tired ?F hearin this bu I jus wanted 2 ??? how I would ??? when I get my ota

For the sidekick lx ota update does the update come in from your email. Like can u send me a screen shoot of what it would like when the ota comes and I would know that, that is the ota and I need to upgrade it.

That’s the hidden beauty in the OTA process. You do nothing. Just continue using your Sidekick as usual. When the update is ready a box will popup on your phone letting you know that a system update has been downloaded. You can choose to install now, or install later. If you choose later, it will prompt you again later or you can press Menu from the Jump Screen and select the Update menu item.

This is what the box looks like.

It sucks, I can’t go on myspace using my phone’s web browser anymore because of the new myspace layout. Do you think they did it on purpose to force people to buy the myspace application?

No. MySpace is notorious for being very poor on the Sidekick. Every time they change something the site breaks on the Sidekick. It’s just a coincidence that there is a full Application and MySpace has web developers that occasionally screw things up. You can take the foil hats off now.

So are THE ota updates coming on THE 26 of june

On the 25th is the OTA for everyone gonna be rolled out

We don’t know when the OTA rollout will start. Everything now is a rumor. What we do know is just because the roll out starts on say the 25th of June, that does NOT mean everyone gets it that day. It can still take weeks for you to get your update.

How can I get my update faster?

You’ll get your OTA when it’s ready. Just wait. This might be Tomorrow, this might be weeks. The only thing you can do to make the OTA come faster is slip into a coma until around Mid-July (The OTA should (by our estimations) be fully rolled out by then.)

Will the sidekick slide get the OTA update too?

No, the Slide will not be getting this OTA from all that we have heard. If this changes, we will certainly report on it.

Sidekick LX OTA Images

Monday, June 16th, 2008

If you have a little bit of a closer look at the images on previewing the Tony Hawk LE device, you can get a little peek at the OTA. They are kind of small, so we’ve zoomed them in for your viewing pleasure.

New AIM splash screen logos:

Media Player splash screen (Formally Music Player)

We’re not quite sure what that is in the middle of the splash screen, our best guess is it’s Album Art for the currently playing track.

Media Player playing a video

Take the size and quality of the video playing in the Media Player shown here with a grain of salt. It looks really edited to us.

Now, let’s go into the errors here.

T-Mobile, please stop showing the Sidekick upside down. Really.

Tony, you *almost* had it!

It was going good the first few times you showed off your Sidekick. But then…

What happened?! For someone who’s such a proclaimed sidekick fan as yourself… You should know better Mr. Hawk.

Tony Hawk has a Posse… err Sidekick

Thursday, June 5th, 2008

Tony Hawk with Limited Edition Sidekick LX

Gecko browser is not the Sidekick Gekko

Wednesday, May 14th, 2008

A screenshot of a Javascript error was posted on the PBD forums. It says nothing about a Sidekick Gekko. It just happens that the engine that Danger uses for the Sidekick browser (on all their devices) back-end web proxy (to be exact) is based on the Gecko layout engine, just like Firefox and Netscape. So, nope this doesn’t confirm anything about the Gekko sadly. Not to mention that this sort of screenshot is easily faked with literally 1 line of code on a webpage. The original screenshot below:

Post on Boy Genius Report

What does your Sidekick say about you?

Thursday, March 6th, 2008

Sidekick LX Brown
Grant Duval, from The Connection (a student newspaper in Sacramento, CA), has put together an editorial titled “What does your cell phone say about you?” In it he mentions Sidekick users:

Sidekick owners have a ton of friends. Even their phone is their “Sidekick.”

People who own Sidekicks are addicted to their friends, not the ones they are with, but the ones at the receiving end of their witty texts.

Sidekick owners are young and may or may not idolize Jay-Z. They are also highly lazy. If spelling out words without using abbreviations and predictive text is too hard, what else is too hard? Getting a job? Paying taxes? I’m on to you Sidekick owners.

Personally I would have said Lil Wayne (based on the number of Lil Wayne Sidekick themes out there) and I’d disagree that we’re lazy and don’t have jobs. How else could we afford such expensive devices? What do you guys think?