What does your Sidekick say about you?

Sidekick LX Brown
Grant Duval, from The Connection (a student newspaper in Sacramento, CA), has put together an editorial titled “What does your cell phone say about you?” In it he mentions Sidekick users:

Sidekick owners have a ton of friends. Even their phone is their “Sidekick.”

People who own Sidekicks are addicted to their friends, not the ones they are with, but the ones at the receiving end of their witty texts.

Sidekick owners are young and may or may not idolize Jay-Z. They are also highly lazy. If spelling out words without using abbreviations and predictive text is too hard, what else is too hard? Getting a job? Paying taxes? I’m on to you Sidekick owners.

Personally I would have said Lil Wayne (based on the number of Lil Wayne Sidekick themes out there) and I’d disagree that we’re lazy and don’t have jobs. How else could we afford such expensive devices? What do you guys think?

3 Responses to “What does your Sidekick say about you?”

  1. karl horchak Says:

    The sidecick help people to go on the enternent and text to other people.

  2. Dan the Hero Says:

    karl horchak on October 7, 2008 at 5:40 am said:

    The sidecick help people to go on the enternent and text to other people.

    Wow. That wasn’t grammatically correct OR intelligent. hahaha. Maybe the article should have said something along the lines of “SK users is id10ts or sumthin”

  3. michael Says:

    im lazy but not a sk wner and when they say jay-z they just meen reppers in genaral cuz jay z is like a huge && amazing rapper & alota sk usrs r deaf so ya and mr “dan da hero” dont gota b critizing ppl like dat!

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