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Soulja Boy and his Fake Sidekick LX XBOX 360 Limited Edition

Friday, August 22nd, 2008
souljaboy sidekick lx xbox 360 fake limited edition

Want a Limited Edition Sidekick LX? If you’re Soulja Boy it’s as easy as this:
Step 1: Get a Sidekick LX
Step 2: Show off your big LCD TVs so everyone thinks you’re cool enough to get Limited Edition stuff
Step 3: Get your Sidekick repainted by Colorware or snag a new Lens Frame.
Step 4: Jump on and grab the Sidekick LX XBOX 360 Theme
Step 5: Go into the Catalog and download Resident Evil for $6.99
Step 6: Make a video about how you’re the only one who has this and post it to the internets!

Nice try Soulja Boy, we’re on to you. A Soulja Boy Limited Edition Sidekick LX would have been better. Maybe you should stop trying to punk people and start working on your music so you don’t stay a 1-hit wonder. Hopefully you realize how much easier (and more convincing) this would have been with a Sidekick 2008 and a custom made XBOX 360 shell.

If you follow the above steps, please let us know which “Limited Edition” you’re faking and where the video is. If you want to see Soulja Boy’s video, check it out here or below:

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Sidekick LX with Green Moodlights

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

Want to own the one-of-a-kind Sidekick LX (brown) with green moodlights we posted about awhile back? Then you might be in luck. The owner has put it up on the auction block for a lucky bidder. Right now it’s sitting at a cheap $99.98. Here’s the auction: Sidekick LX CUSTOM W/ GREEN MOODLIGHTS

Win a Limited Edition Tony Hawk Sidekick LX!

Friday, July 18th, 2008
Tony Hawk Sidekick LX

Don’t have the cash to shell out for one of the Limited Edition Tony Hawk Sidekick LX devices? Well, are you a skater? No? Well even if you’re a poser, you can still enter the contest to win a Tony Hawk LX. It’s being held over on the Sidekick Wiki. It runs until July 21st, so you better hurry! Here’s some more info:

1. Sign up for a free user name and create your profile on the Sidekick Wiki. If you are already a member of this site, you do not need to register again; use your existing username and profile.

2. Upload a skate photo to this Skate Photo Album (To upload an image to the photo album, sign in to the site, navigate to the album, click the “Add photo” option, and then select the Upload New Photo or Search Yahoo! Images option to add your photo.)

3. To complete your entry, post a comment on this page that says: “Enter me in the Sidekick LX Tony Hawk Edition Sweepstakes.”
One winner will be randomly chosen from all eligible entries received. A maximum of one (1) entry per day for each individual and email address is permitted for each entry method. One winner will be chosen on or about August 1, 2008, and notified via private message through the Sidekick wiki, the email address associated with his/her account, U.S. Mail or overnight courier. If we cannot contact an individual winner within a reasonable time period, another winner will be chosen randomly. No anonymous users will be eligible to win. Comments posted on any other page of the wiki will not be eligible. The winners will be announced as soon as we get confirming replies via e-mail. See full Rules for complete details.

Sweepstakes begins: July 9, 2008
Sweepstakes ends: July 21, 2008
Mail-in entries must be postmarked by: July 21, 2008
Mail-in entries must be received by: July 28, 2008
Drawing: Around August 1, 2008
One user will be randomly chosen to receive one (1) T-Mobile Sidekick LX Tony Hawk Edition. The prize constitutes the device only; phone service is not included and is the sole responsibility of the winner. Approximate retail value of the T-Mobile Sidekick LX Tony Hawk Edition phone is $449.99.

Enter the Sweepstakes

There’s also a contest running to win a chance to hang out with Tony Hawk himself, more info on that here.

New Tony Hawk Site

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008
Tony Hawk

For all you non-T-Mobile customers, now is the time to get your Tony Hawk LE Sidekick LX. They’re going for $299 right now, but they’re a limited edition, so if you don’t hurry, you’ll be forced to scour eBay for one before too long. Along with the full launch of the Tony Hawk Limited Edition Sidekick LX, T-Mobile has also redesigned the site to turn it into “Tony’s World”. It’s a pretty rad interactive flash site with Tony, his new Sidekick, multiple locations, and a couple Easter eggs. Let us know what you find with your eagle eyes on the site, and keep an eye out for that Yeti!

Crunchgear unboxes the Tony Hawk Sidekick LX

Monday, July 14th, 2008

The video above from Crunchgear shows the unboxing of the Tony Hawk Sidekick LX Limited Edition. If you are a T-Mobile customer, these devices are already available. If you aren’t a T-Mobile customer already, you should be able to get it on July 16th, but sign up over on to get an email reminder when it does go on sale for the general public.

Famous Stars and Straps Sidekick LX Limited Edition?

Wednesday, July 9th, 2008
Looking for info on famous sidekicks, as in people and animals?
Famous Stars and Straps Sidekick LX
Famous Stars and Straps Sidekick LXFamous Stars and Straps Sidekick LXFamous Stars and Straps Sidekick LX

We’ve had a number of people write in to point out what looks like a Limited Edition Famous Stars and Straps Sidekick LX on the Famous website. It turns out that unfortunately this isn’t a limited edition that we’ll see being sold in stores. It was a special batch of devices just for Travis Barker, a long time Sidekick user, and crew. I know I know, based on the number of Famous Stars and Straps themes that have been uploaded, I bet a lot of you would be waiting in line to buy this device if you could. In the meantime you’ll just have to make your own with Colorware or a can of spray paint.

Tony Hawk DUB Edition 2007 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

Sunday, June 22nd, 2008

Tony Hawk Custom Jeep
Looking to pick up a new Jeep Wrangler? Don’t want one of those lame stock Jeep Wranglers? Better hurry over to eBay and check out this auction. Not only will you get a tricked out Jeep Wrangler, but you’ll also get one of the new Tony Hawk Limited Edition Sidekick LXs with your new ride. On top of that you’ll get 4 VIP tickets to the HuckJam tour and a chance to hang out with Tony Hawk himself. All the proceeds from this auction are also going to a good cause, the Tony Hawk Foundation. No, that doesn’t buy Tony new skateboards, it’s a foundation that helps build skateparks in low income neighborhoods and promote skating. The bids are up to $46,200, so you better break out that high limit credit card if you want to bid!

Here’s the description straight from the auction:

Here’s your chance to bid on this one-of-a-kind 2007 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited, “Hawkized” by DUB® magazine! The Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon 4×4 has been tricked-out with 24” TIS™ 09 Toyo off-road tires, custom Skyjacker 9″ body lift, Borla performance exhaust, tinted windows, DUB satin black emblems, and Birdhouse Skateboards mounted on custom skateboard racks! In the interior, you will find 7” Alpine monitors in the headrests, embroidered Tony Hawk logo on the seats, an Alpine DVD HEADUNIT SYSTEM and a Custom Fiberglass Subwoofer Box, plus much more!

The winner will also receive the new T-Mobile Sidekick LX Tony Hawk Edition, designed by Tony Hawk! A long-time user since the first Sidekick debuted, Tony puts his personal design on the iconic device by giving it a true skateboard look. This limited edition Sidekick will be the first Sidekick to ship with video record, play and share. It also includes other enhancements such as a more personalized Web browsing experience, stereo Bluetooth support, easier downloads and more options for theme and background personalization. The device features a slate-grey shell, accented with blue and white designs, and Tony’s well-known hawk graphic. A customized Tony Hawk theme will be included on the device featuring an exclusive video of Tony performing tricks, a Tony-inspired background, and skate-themed swivel screen open and close sounds. For more information, please visit

In addition to the Jeep and Sidekick LX Tony Hawk Edition, the winning bidder will receive 4 VIP Tickets to Tony Hawk’s Boom Boom HuckJam tour and meet Tony before the show! Winning bidder will get to choose which show they would like to attend. Hotel and transportation not included. Click to see HuckJam tour schedule , visit

Also, the winning bidder will be featured with the Tony Hawk DUB Edition Jeep in an upcoming DUB magazine issue.

Sidekick LX OTA Images

Monday, June 16th, 2008

If you have a little bit of a closer look at the images on previewing the Tony Hawk LE device, you can get a little peek at the OTA. They are kind of small, so we’ve zoomed them in for your viewing pleasure.

New AIM splash screen logos:

Media Player splash screen (Formally Music Player)

We’re not quite sure what that is in the middle of the splash screen, our best guess is it’s Album Art for the currently playing track.

Media Player playing a video

Take the size and quality of the video playing in the Media Player shown here with a grain of salt. It looks really edited to us.

Now, let’s go into the errors here.

T-Mobile, please stop showing the Sidekick upside down. Really.

Tony, you *almost* had it!

It was going good the first few times you showed off your Sidekick. But then…

What happened?! For someone who’s such a proclaimed sidekick fan as yourself… You should know better Mr. Hawk.

Kim Kardashian Signed Sidekick LX

Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Signed Sidekick LX

Are you a fan of the celebrity touched Sidekicks? We noticed an auction running for a Sidekick LX purported to be owned by Kim Kardashian herself. On top of that it’s signed by her too. It’s currently only going for $170.50 which is pretty cheap compared to the normal Sidekick LXs for sale.

Tony Hawk has a Posse… err Sidekick

Thursday, June 5th, 2008

Tony Hawk with Limited Edition Sidekick LX