Sidekick LX OTA Images

If you have a little bit of a closer look at the images on previewing the Tony Hawk LE device, you can get a little peek at the OTA. They are kind of small, so we’ve zoomed them in for your viewing pleasure.

New AIM splash screen logos:

Media Player splash screen (Formally Music Player)

We’re not quite sure what that is in the middle of the splash screen, our best guess is it’s Album Art for the currently playing track.

Media Player playing a video

Take the size and quality of the video playing in the Media Player shown here with a grain of salt. It looks really edited to us.

Now, let’s go into the errors here.

T-Mobile, please stop showing the Sidekick upside down. Really.

Tony, you *almost* had it!

It was going good the first few times you showed off your Sidekick. But then…

What happened?! For someone who’s such a proclaimed sidekick fan as yourself… You should know better Mr. Hawk.

2 Responses to “Sidekick LX OTA Images”

  1. hi im Says:

    Tony looks hot

  2. Romona Rowland Says:


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