A Quick Trip Down Memory Lane

This one is dedicated to all the Black and White Hiptoppers. Aaron (one of the original Hiptop pranksters) fished out some old stuff from back in the day and we thought we’d share it with you. First up is a smoking hot ad for the Hiptop that makes me want to go out and buy 2 Black and White Hiptops even now.

A man known for his great jokes, Aaron once fooled a lot of people into thinking he had the much-coveted color hiptop before anyone even knew what it looked like:

image via Flickr

And noone can forget when he got the original OTA:

And we leave you with your “Fun Fact of the Day” – Aaron was the originator of the Cat Remote rumor that kind of launched Hiptop3.com

7 Responses to “A Quick Trip Down Memory Lane”

  1. a Says:

    The sidekick sucks its a dien/dead product and this site sucks looking despretly for things to post. Looks like ima have to get a blackberry iphone or wm

  2. ex sidekick user Says:

    Wow…this site is just bringing up old stories…the sidekick is dead…everybody is going to the G1.

  3. daniel Says:

    The hiptop/sidekicks are bigger then ever in australia, and iphones are pretty much unseen. So if you don’t have anything good to say then why even post it, if you wanna get a blackberry go comment on some blackberry blog not here

  4. Fiyah Says:

    Yeah, if you dont like Sidekicks why even come on the site?? Weird…
    Anyway, thought I personally love Sidekicks, this site has gotten pretty dry and this was a pretty lame post lol.

  5. meems Says:

    Ill tell you this much i dont think the g1 will have as longevity as the sidekick but danger along with microsoft have to get a new phone and try to keep the price reasonable! well atleast for the grandfathered plan that I have or else im gonna be gone myself and i hope they dont try to force us to the higher plans!

  6. a Says:

    I have a sk lx and am ultimalty pissed of the lame ass aps which are for children who like sparkly stickers and I have to pay for rss…..every month at that, while I watch every1 with there iphones playen with cool ass aps, I am stuck in a contract with this lame kiddy phone with aps that make shit look good, danger/microsoft step up your game plez so I don’t have to bitch on this site

  7. Anonymous Says:

    seriously man. my sidekicks contract finally ends wtih gay t-mobile in the end of febuary. sidekicks suck noww. and Tmobile is even worse cuz their scumssss

    moving to sprint to get the treo pre

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