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Monday, November 28th, 2005

We’ve launched forums where you guys can discuss the Sidekick III / Hiptop III and any other rumors or leaked info you have about the Sidekick and Tmobile.
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Secrets of the Sidekick III

Monday, November 28th, 2005

via Gizmodo
What have we here? Reader BA sent us this little tidbit from T-Mobile describing the Sidekick timeline out to 2007. We can expect the SK III in Spring 2006 and some kind of insane RAZR/Sidekick/Video Player in 2007. Then what’s all this with the Unlicensed Mobile Access (UMA) stuff? WiFi? Bluetooth? Oh, what delectable anticipation!

Will all this rumor and conjecture come to fruition? Who knows, but now we can safely assume that the SK III will be not-so-available this holiday season.

Larger pic after the jump. Forensics, anyone?

Sidekick III product roadmap revealed?

Friday, November 25th, 2005

vie Engadget

Not sure where it was taken or if this is even legit, but supposedly someone out there sneakily snapped this pic of T-Mobile’s Sidekick roadmap, possibly revealing that they’re planning to introduce a music-centric Sidekick III in April of next year and a second version with support for UMA (aka Unlicensed Mobile Access, a standard for seamlessly roaming back and forth between GSM cellular and WiFi networks — it sounds like T-Mob might be taking advantage of all their hotspots) in September of 2006, with Sidekick III limited editions to follow a month later (just like how they intro’d two limited edition versions of the Sidekick II last month). The next Sidekick after that, which is supposedly code-named the “Sidekick NG”, is listed as being set to drop in June of 2007. The Sidekick NG will supposedly have support for music, video, and UMA, but what’s really baffling us is that there’s also mention of the word “RAZR” in there. Is Danger fixing to come out with a more RAZR-styled Sidekick? Or is this proof that this is a fake?

Interesting Informaiton/Propaganda on the Hiptop 3

Monday, November 14th, 2005


Re: Sidekick 3?

by Rich Brome Friday, 1:52 PM

Yes, it’s coming. It will have most of the upgrades you’d expect, like EDGE, a memory card slot, and a music player.

It won’t be out until next year, though. You know it will be a while because T-Mobile is just now introducing all these special edition SKIIs… they wouldn’t do that if the real new one was just around the corner.

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Rich Brome
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Sidekick III Launch Rumor – April 2006

Friday, November 4th, 2005

via Gizmodo

Interesting rumor:

I was at a conference at [some place] on [doing something for people]. During lunch, I sat next to [Some very important guy who knows this stuff] and we got to discussing the sidekick.

He indicated that the sidekick III would be released in April of 2006. I asked him a few times for hints or details (believe me, I tried) but no luck.

The sender asked me to redact a lot of the info and hide his identity, but there you have it. April 2006. From someone who should know. [Thanks, Franco A. Wilcox of Madison, Wisconsin!]

The thread that started it all…

Tuesday, November 1st, 2005

any one know what phone this is??