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Danger Looks for Hardware Buddy

Thursday, December 29th, 2005

via Gizmodo
Danger Inc., creator of the ever-so-trendy Sidekick, may be seeking a new partner-in-crime in the coming year. Danger initially dumped the hardware manufacturing of the Sidekick series over to Sharp so the company could focus more directly on the development of Sidekick software, but recently Danger’s chief executive announced his company may be looking for a second hardware manufacturing partner soon. Motorola, anyone?

Sidekick maker seeks new partner [Reuters] (link is dead, draw your own conclusions)

Sidekick 3 device code-name

Thursday, December 1st, 2005

This just in, the internal codename for the next generation Sidekick 3 is “CR” as in “Danger CR”. Just like the Danger Sidekick II’s codename was “M1”, we’re amazed at the creativity involved. 🙂 Our source unfortunately did not know what the CR stood for, as he had overheard it in a conversation with Danger developers.