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Sidekick LX Tattoo

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

Sidekick Tattoo

Some of us really love the Sidekick. We wear Danger shirts, put stickers wherever we can, show off features to friends, and are probably considered “fan boys/girls” to most people. But some people really, really love the Sidekick. So much so that they want it to be a permanent part of them. First there was the Sidekick II tattoo, then Volcom got his Danger symbols tattoo, and now we bring you Wanda, who is the proud owner of a charm bracelet tattoo that includes a Sidekick LX.

Mike, one of the writers, had a chance to ask her a few questions:
What made you decide to get a sidekick tattoo?
I wanted a charm bracelet tattoo and all the charms had to represent me in some way. Everyone who knows me, thinks I’m obsessed with my phone, and maybe I am a little. I fell in love with the sidekick back when they came out with the sk color, but I couldn’t afford one just yet. No matter what phones come out, none of them compare (in my eyes) to the sidekick. So, it was a given that IT had to be one of the charms. Even if they never make another sidekick, it’ll always be with me. Plus, my bracelet would look kind of silly with only four.

Who designed the artwork?
The tattoo artist. I told her what kind of phone it was and she did the rest. She actually drew the whole bracelet for me.

When did you get your first Sidekick?
2005 (the sidekick 2)

How many sidekicks have you owned?
Four, the sidekick 2, sidekick 3, sidekick lx and sidekick lx 09

Tell me more about the Sidekick User Group (Geezers) you are in:
I started out as just a member, then I became the owner. Its a group for us “older” folks who just happen to have sidekicks. Although some of our members have crossed to the dark side and gotten other devices. We’re a mature crowd and talk about pretty much anything, without the vulgar language that sometimes comes with online groups. Anyone with a mobile device can join, as long as you’re 25 or older and willing to behave :-).

If someone over 25 wants to join SidekickGeezers, how do they sign up??
Go to this link and request membership. They have to first sign up with their mobile address.

Nice tattoo Wanda and thanks for taking the time to answer some questions! If you want to see the rest of the chram bracelet, check out the gallery:

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How To Create Sidekick Ringtones

Monday, June 8th, 2009

UPDATE: If you’re looking to just download Sidekick ringtones for the Sidekick LX 2009, you can get them over at!

Wondering how to create your own ringtones for your Sidekick from songs or audio clips you already have? crazyforkicks (you might remember him from his double unboxing of the Sidekick LX 2009) has a full walkthrough for you in his second volume of “kicktips”. Check it out above. If you’ve got any tips to add, drop them in the comments!

Did you miss his first episode? It’s not as informational, but it’s still an entertaining approach to making it easier to kick your screen:

Sidekick Survey About What’s Important

Monday, June 8th, 2009

T-Mobile has hired a third party research firm to question current Sidekick users about what they feel a “Sidekick” really is. The questionnaire asks what defines a Sidekick, what features could or could not be included, and what features/capabilities would be the most satisfying on a device. The features/capabilities in question seem to be:

– D Pad – directional button/keys for navigation
– Easy to hold and type
– Audible sounds when navigating
– Unique, recognizable form factor
– Home key that jumps to the homescreen
– Controls on both the left and right sides
– Phone’s menu is in a “ring” format on the homescreen
– Visual notification of messages and alerts
– Easy to remember shortcut and jump keys
– Big, high definition screen
– QWERTY keyboard
– Unique, recognizable opening mechanism that reveals a keyboard
– Audible opening (aka Hinge sounds)
– Personalizable shells
– Distinctive “look”/silhouette when open
– Flashing/Colorful lights for messages or alerts
– A screen that swivels open to reveal keyboard
– “Best in class” gaming experience
– Fun to use
– An integrated messaging experience (IM, SMS, E-mail)
– Intuitive to use features and functions
– Access to social networking apps
– Ability to have multiple conversations at once
– A download catalog for applications, themes, music
– Desktop PC-like web browsing experience
– The ability to quickly navigate through various features and functions
– The ability to “open” the phone with one hand
– Outside dialing without opening the phone
– Wide variety of free and/or paid apps available for dowload
– Single, unlimited data plan
– Secondary display that shows a preview of messages
– Ample storage for messages
Ability to use a WiFi Internet connection to make phone calls
– Reliable back up of all information on the phone

What do you guys think? Which of these features defines a Sidekick? Which features are important to you? Which ones could be dropped/added to the next Sidekick? If you want to check out all of the pages in the questionnaire, check out the gallery: