A New “Sidekick”?

No, it’s not the Sidekick 4. And it’s not another Sidekick 3, but more like a Hiptop II with less hardware features and a Sidekick 3 OS. Sharp is still the manufacturer on this one, so it’s not the Motorola device we’re guessing is in the works. It sounds like this is going to be targeted at people who don’t want to drop the cash on the full feature set of a Sidekick 3. Rumor has it that it will be missing a camera (good for those in high security jobs), no miniSD card, and of course no MP3 player since there’s no storage. That’s about all we’ve heard so far. No word on whether it will be carried by TMobile, or what it will be named. We doubt it will be a Sidekick, or even a Sidekick Light, but you can bet the OS is probably similar since that’s what Danger banks on. We’ve heard that the hardware is similar, however with a different screen (lower resolution cause it’s cheaper). We’re still digging for details past that.

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One Response to “A New “Sidekick”?”

  1. Cynimarie Says:

    I went to my local t-mobile looking for a smaller full keyboard phone (similar to the sk3). I own a sk3, however the size, over the past few months have been an issue for me. Then, one of the sales person told me about a new smaller sidekick put out by danger. The only information she could give me, because she forgot the name of it was: it is coming in the next few months ( the end of this month or in 3 months ), it supposed to look more like a phone, and the cost will be less (she said around 100$). I am excited to see this, if it is similar to the sidekick, its smaller and has keyboard. I will definitely consider getting it (even if it lacks MP3 and camera).

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