Account is overquota?

Several Sidekick users have reported receiving an email such as this:

Subject: [!] Account is over quota
Date: Sun, 18 Nov 2007 10:06:12 GMT

Your account is using 3555K of mail storage, this is close to its 12M storage quota.

Delete unnecessary messages, otherwise new messages may be delayed or rejected!

Obviously the email messages are wrong as the 3555 kilobytes is less than 12 megabytes, but it makes one wonder if a much needed increase in mailbox size may be on its way. Old school Sidekickers remember that the black and white Sidekicks (yes, they used to be black and white!) had a mailbox limit of 8 megabytes for the early adopters. Later on the size of the mailbox was dropped down to 6 megabytes for people that started up new accounts. With today’s pictures and emails getting larger and larger, and disk space getting ridiculously cheap you would think that T-Mobile and Danger would keep up with the times. To give some sort of idea of how ridiculous a 6 megabyte inbox is these days, the cost of a 500gb is approximately $100, this means that it costs $0.20 per gigabyte of storage. For the non computer geeks out there, 1 gigabyte = 1024 megabytes (or 1000 megabytes if you’re a harddrive manufacturer). This puts the cost of a megabyte of storage at about $0.0002 per megabyte, or $0.0012 for your entire inbox on Danger’s server. Sure, flash based storage on the device is a bit more expensive, but who wants to store all that data on the Sidekick? T-Mobile and Danger should let us store the actual contents of older emails on the server, but still allow them to be retrievable via the network. Or maybe they should let us save the emails to the miniSD or microSD card where you can have 4 gigs of extra space? After all you can only send about 10-12 pictures taken by the Sidekick before your sent box takes up your entire mailbox. Wake up Danger/T-Mobile, its almost 2008.

5 Responses to “Account is overquota?”

  1. Setnakt Says:

    This article is not entirely accurate guys. If you were (as I was) an origional Sidekick (1) B/W user you did indeed get 8M storage. HOWEVER, unless for some stupid “reason” you totaly canceled your Sidekick service, those of us who upgraded to future devices did NOT get “droped down” to any 6M! I’m on the Sidekick II currently and I’m at 91% (7.3M/8.0M on the display). I even had the crappy Sidekick 3 for less than a week tell returning the overhyped “upgrade” (wasn’t worth the price or~!SUPRISE!~loss of all my old apps & games, for the FEW new features IMO), but still there also I had my 8M email account. If anyone was an origional user like me and got “droped down” to 6M you got screwed. Since the Sidekick LX IS a significant enough improvement over the SK II I’ll be upgrading early next year (after my contract expires and time has passed enough for it’s catalog to have some decent options, plus the batt problem corrected~never buy upon release, your a sucker if there is no REAL deal, and there wasn’t). If I’m “droped down” to anything under 8M I’ll be returning that in less than 24hrs. 8M is bad enough, 6M is entirely unacceptable. FYI, I highly doubt this “MAILER-DAEMON” email was from Danger or T-Mobile, unless someone there is smoking something pretty strange.

  2. admin Says:

    Setnakt, sorry for the perhaps misunderstood wording. I was an original BWSK user and you are correct, old-schoolers that have kept the same account do in fact have 8mb accounts. What I meant was that the mailbox was 8mb at one point and then T-Mobile changed the default to 6mb, i.e. new users got 6mb instead of 8mb. I’ve reworded the post to hopefully be a little more clear.

  3. bapesta16 Says:

    hi, anyone know how to sync the sidekick email with your email address? i heard you needed a ota first for to do it. cuz i have my lx since it came out now, adn my sister friend got a ota then she was able to sync it. so do i ahev to wait?

  4. eddieskankface Says:

    I dont mind for the lack of 2 M.

    I delete my inbox often, i don’t like the clutter.

    I heard about this OTA, but just that they were going to make it for the LX.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    bapesta16 on November 21, 2007 at 7:39 pm said:

    hi, anyone know how to sync the sidekick email with your email address? i heard you needed a ota first for to do it. cuz i have my lx since it came out now, adn my sister friend got a ota then she was able to sync it. so do i ahev to wait?

    Hey, I don’t know about other models, but with the Sidekick/HipTop Slide, to add a gmail account (hotmail doesn’t work, unless you use some izymail site), go to: Email-> Settings-> Accounts-> Menu + N.
    Protocol Gmail, Then fill in your account info and your done 😀
    Oh, btw, you need to have room to receive your emails (unlike me, when I had my inbox at 195% full until I cleared it ot, lol)

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