Additional confirmation on the promo material and release date

We received the following email from a reader:

Hi, this is a message confirming a post on your website about SK Promo material being released. I am with T-Mobile on 170 Broadway, New York City, NY. We have recently received what we think is the same Outsource sheet that your source in Los Angeles has received. A new section on our delivery sheet was added in our last bimonthly outsource:

CC/12×12p ITEM:055261812 [BD: TMO black pink]
CP/16×12pback ITEM: 055382733 [no BD]
CP/20×20cback ITEM: This item is not yet listed. Check 06/06 Listings for more information.
This (promo) material is now available for outsource delivery beginning JUNE 06 06. Please select delivery carrier by custom to your division’s preference.

This was printed at the bottom of our outsource delivery sheet which we receive bimonthly. Let me explain it to you. UI/DANGER HIPTOP DATA DEVICE/PROMO – UI is a reference code to “new material” which is now available. DANGER HIPTOP DATA DEVICE, speaks for it’s self – but we usually would receive something similar with UI/DANGER HIPTOP SIDEKICK 2/PROMO, for the Sidekick 2. We are no longer ordering Sidekick 2 Promo materials. Because it simply says HIPTOP DATA DEVICE, we would assume that this would be the Sidekick 3’s promo material, as if it were the Sidekick 2 it would clearly state so, as well as the fact that the Sidekick 2 has been discontinued, we also have reason to believe that that the actual device will be available on the 3rd or 4th of July, which is probably what the other dealer/manager has come to believe.

This information, although it might sound “classified”, is actually quite easy to find. Most T-mobile dealers/managers now beleive the release date will be June 3rd or 4th.

Hope I could help.

14 Responses to “Additional confirmation on the promo material and release date”

  1. Woahh Says:

    Yay, First to post. And it’s great that it’s coming out July 3rd or 4th :), I should have enough money by then. But uhh, At the end of the thing.. It says June 3rd or 4th.. You mean July right? 😛

  2. T-mobile Says:

    Ek. Just noticed that. Yes it should say July.

  3. BritBrat version 666 Says:

    This has me way excited. I can’t wait. I hope after all the hype I’m not disappointed :\

  4. Woahh Says:

    Yeah.. Same with me.. The date keeps changing! 😛 I just hope it just comes out so the madness will stop!

  5. SDWolf Says:

    You kinda have to wonder how much of this has been intentional- on both T-Mobile and Danger’s parts. I mean, look at all the interest and hype surrounding the SK3/HT3. Thus far, neither T-Mobile nor Danger have done /anything/ to promote the device, beyond a few leaked photos.

    Free hype, free advertising, free promotion. In a way, it’s a lot like the leaked builds of OSX that would run on a PC, long before the Intel-based Macs were introduced.

    It’s a lot more effective than vaporware, and almost totally free. Though I doubt T-Mobile or Danger will ever admit they were intentional, these ‘strategic leaks’ have been a win-win for everyone.


    I would love to believe this but, for some reason this story sounds alittle fishy. the end part about june 3 or 4 / july 3 or 4 that just doesn’t set well with me.(that’s just me personally) I wish it came out june 3rd.

  7. FutrExec01 Says:

    if they have recieved this then why havent the T-mobiles around my area received it?

  8. T-mobile Says:

    Hi PSYCHICSIDEKICK3. The “June 3rd” was a typo. FutrExec01, delivery orders do not come at the same time for each outlet, it depends if their quantity is running low. Your local T-mobile should receive something like this soon.


    oooookkk, thanx!! well I just got off the phone with a t-mobile rep. I told them some stupid storey about my sk2 freezing up. they transferred me to the danger depmartment he help me then I asked him about the sk3 he said “its coming out real real soon” I asked is it coming out in june? he said “I can’t say but it will be out soon”. I know this isn’t a lot of help ,but its some info. only if we knew how “soon” it will be out then we will all be happy!!!!!!!

  10. lokpaso Says:

    woohoo 9th to post … Anyway … wouldn’t it be funny if TMo/Danger were monitoring forums like this one and releasing pics and throwing out random dates just to screw with us?

  11. FutrExec01 Says:

    yeah, it could be a possibility…like some kind of crazy whacked out marketing scheme…that is most definitely working obviously. I mean, either t-mobile/danger released those pics on purpose, or the person who snapped em with their camera phone is now “mysteriously missing” lol

  12. Ya Boy B Says:

    i’ve been with tmobile for a year now, my contract will be up in june, is there anyone that can tell me what kind of discount i would get on this sidekick 3. i know that you get some kind of perks when you’ve been with them after a year or so.

  13. KoryHutchinson Says:

    This is a set up if you remember in earlier may someone said the same sh*t and then at the end mistaked july for june jus like this one….I think this is a setup don’t get ur hopes up….I think if anything it’ll come out June 3rd they are messing with us so we think we have to wait but its gonna come out next week and nobody is gonna know super suprise by t-mobile…lol I wish

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