An Actual Sidekick Slide Photo

Sidekick slide picture photo

Looks like we’ve finally got a photo of a real Sidekick Slide, aka Zante, aka Sidekick Razr.

via BGR

7 Responses to “An Actual Sidekick Slide Photo”

  1. blake Says:

    eh, not a fan. the sidekick 3 looks way more slick.

  2. rAwknee225 Says:

    If this is a real picture, how come it’s missing a directional pad?!?

  3. dusty122 Says:

    i think there is a dpad there its just a werid shape. i think the whole gap between the left buttons is the dpad hence the little bumps at the top and bottoms and sides in that area

  4. rAwknee225 Says:

    I see it now. That’s too bad cause I think it would feel a bit awkward with the directional pad being that large.

  5. sidekick since 2008 Says:

    Gonna try to get the SIDEKICK LX 09′

  6. anthony Says:

    Hit me with da lx09 I wanna know more like how much is it!!!!

  7. kevin Says:

    This sidekick sucks – literally cus it has a trackball buh no lights on iht, its heavy as fxck and its horrible to take pics

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