Another picture of the Tmobile Sidekick III

Thanks to linuxgold, we have another picture to bring to you guys. It looks like maybe something out of an ad, or some sort of marketing. No clue where it came from, if it’s legit, or what. But as with all rumours, we’ll post it! hehe

123 Responses to “Another picture of the Tmobile Sidekick III”

  1. kayDAWG Says:

    k wtf is that then

  2. kayDAWG Says:

    k sry. try this..

  3. Thompson Says:

    You must be kidding.

  4. kayDAWG Says:

    thats what a saw on another website..

  5. fps_doug Says:

    BOBBY says…
    “what the hell is tom cruise holding”

    Have we NOT already been over this? If you would do some reading the AUTHOR of the article even POSTED BEFORE COMMENTS…
    “No, it’s a HELIO HERO”

    Kids nowadays just do not like to READ anymore. Which is why on FORUMS DOUBLE POSTS come up. Take a few seconds and do a little search, ya gaddamn spammers.

  6. porsche Says:


    I went to a mall.
    I went inside a tmobile store
    I asked the manager when the sidekick 3 was coming out.
    He told me he can’t really say but to keep it secret?
    He said it drops the 26th of june.
    And that’s in Ohio.
    He also said all sidekick owners will get something about the release date and all the improvments at their tmail account.
    Not in august
    Not in december.
    IN JUNE.

    This is straight from someone who actually knows what they’re talking about.


  7. GeeZe6 Says:

    I hate alll n.i.g.gers and mexicans \ latinos because there dirt and they stink like I hate whit pepole 2 cuz they don’t have any

  8. porsche Says:

    Okay cool geeze6
    No one cares.
    That has absoloutly nothing to do with what any of us are talking about.

    So why don’t take your ignorance somewhere else.
    They POSSIBLY, everyone won’t think your a dumbass?

  9. Camps Says:

    Any word on what the price is for the SKIII???

  10. GeeZe6 Says: you porshce u r are probably a ni.g.ger or latino like the rest

  11. ali Says:

    Tom Cruise is holding something called a “Helio” or something like that. Definately not an SK3.

  12. Jay Says:

    Have any of you people noticed something…compare the pics from the FCC and the most recent pic of the SKIII from Linux. Look where the trackball is positioned…on the right and in the FCC pic the trackball is on the left. Maybe i’m missing something, and they’re coming out with some for lefty’s and righty’s…no no im not missing anything, THEY DON’T GIVE A FLYING F*CK ABOUT LEFTY’S OR RIGHTY’S…

  13. orlando colucci Says:

    loook jay that is that is its upsidedown how dumb can u be…

  14. ali Says:

    ^^^ anybody else understand him?

  15. TruthMHz Says:

    Jay… take the FCC pic and flip it. See where the little hole for the mic next to the track ball. In the “marketing” pic it is underneath the trackball, in the FCC pic it’s above. If YOU used common sense you wouldn’t have made such a dumb ass post. Smart guy.

    Truth MEGAhurtz

  16. TruC Says:

    I LOVE IT!!When will it be out?

  17. kayDAWG Says:

    okay. idk if im just stupid or what.. but on the home page or w.e. where it shows the animated picture & the real picture of it. the left side that says ‘t-mobile’ is in the same place in both pictures..& im pretty sure when you rotate the screen out that the ‘t-mobile’ should be on the right..


    am i being blonde or..

  18. kayDAWG Says:


    the picture of the sidekick was taken like upside down or i was being blonde. stfu & leave me alone


  19. orlando colucci Says:

    dum pple in the rooom jajajahahahha: )

  20. rafael Says:

    Give me 1111 give me111 give me1 pleassseeeeeeee

  21. rafael Says:

    Give me 1111 give me111 give me1 pleassseeeeeeee

  22. Harrison Says:

    that siht is bangin!

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