Answering Sidekick LX OTA and YouTube Questions

Today we’ve receieved quite a few emails asking;

Will I be able 2 see videos on youtube with THE new ota

Here’s the answer. Yes and No. Let me explain.

No you will not be able to fire up your browser and point it to or and watch a video on your device. Sorry.

Yes you can convert a youtube video on your computer to the proper formats and view them on your Sidekick when you transfer them to your memory card. This is the ONLY way you will be able to view videos on your device. We will be going into greater detail on how to do this on both Mac and Windows in the near future, so be sure to keep an eye out for those.

53 Responses to “Answering Sidekick LX OTA and YouTube Questions”

  1. xxlovekieraxx Says:

    ii just got my lx & ii havent got my ota update . but all my friends do

  2. kennyyycurbstompp Says:

    about the OTA update,
    if your still waiting for it,
    just power your device off,
    and leave it off for about ten seconds.
    then power it back on. you should receive an update soon after.
    like, within a day of powering it back on.

    everytime you power your sidekick device on, it refreshes your device on the dangers network.

    try that. 🙂

    plus, its not good for the phone to constantly leave it on.
    turn it off atleast once or twice a week, so it can cool off and refresh on the network.

  3. jeff jackson Says:

    does anyone know of any way to get youtube videos playing on sidekicklx yet? I just bought a side kick lx and idk if I even have ota update, how do you know? and how can I watch videos on my sidekick lx

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