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You guys asked, and appletech was kind enough to answer. Here are some of the most common and most interesting questions we received (cleaned up and combined as necessary):

1. What features does the Sidekick 3 support that TMobile has chosen to leave out? MMS? Save as Ringtone in email? Etc.

The “Save as Ringtone” email feature and MMS application are not present as before. The new “Record a Ringtone” feature has also been removed.

2. Can MP3s be used as ringtones?

No. All ringtones will come from the catalog

3. Can the Sidekick 3 be used as a modem for a laptop?


4. There is no support for video capture/playback/streaming videos/etc, but are there any plans to implement this in a future
OTAu (Over-The-Air Update)?

If there are any, I’m not at liberty to share that information. Keep in mind, any future features would be up to your carrier.

5. Can MP3s downloaded from iTunes be used on the Sidekick 3?

No. Any MP3s bought online that have DRM Encryption will *not* play on the Sidekick 3.

6. Can you listen to MP3s over a Bluetooth headset?

No. MP3s will play only over the device speaker or through a wired stereo headset (included I believe)

7. What are the plans for release in other markets? Suncom? UK? Would a Sidekick 3 purchased from the US work in these markets?

I’m not allowed to discuss plans for future carriers. A Sidekick 3 bought from TMobile USA would need to be unlocked for use on another carrier, but as before you would get only Phone/SMS service. Data is tied to the original carrier.

8. How much faster is the web browser compared to the Sidekick 2?

It’s definently faster. Depending on your EDGE coverage and network traffic in your area, browsing I found at times to be at least 50% faster than the SK2.

9. What downloadable apps will be available at launch time?

Don’t know.

10. What was motivation in the switch to a different kind of keyboard?

I probably guess to avoid all the problems the SK2 had with keyboards peeling, keys breaking, letters rubbing off etc… The new keyboard virtually eliminates all those problems with a more solid piece of hardware.

11. Are Danger’s servers prepared for the large increase in usage?

Yup. I don’t see any problems coming up with the introduction of EDGE for browsing. There’s plenty server power there already for the job and more.

12. What will happen with regard to Mac syncing? Will the current Missing Sync still work? Will it still be necessary?

Syncing will happen just as before. The Sync apps themselves (PC & Mac) are what determines what data is synced from your computer. They will continue to sync to the DI via the internet.

13. Does the Bluetooth support for the Sidekick 3 include being able to sync data (contacts, calendar, mail, mp3’s) with a Bluetooth-enabled computer (PC and/or Mac)? Or is it strictly limited to support for Bluetooth headset devices?

Bluetooth is limited to the usage of a Bluetooth headset and the sharing of Vcards only.

14. What is the story with the screen? Is it the same screen as the Sidekick 2? Has the resolution/color depth changed at all?

The sk3 screen is the exact same screen as the sk2.

15. Is the audio port a shared mp3/stereo and headset port? Can I use regular headphones with it? Does it require a dongle? If I’m using regular headphones, does the phone think there’s a headset plugged in and mess up routing the audio?

The headset/headphone jack is 2.5mm headset jack. Your device will come with a stereo headset for phone use and for listening to mp3s. They don’t sound all that bad either. Give them a shot before running out a buying something else. If you wanna use standard headphone, you’ll need a 2.5mm to 3.5mm adaptor.

16. Will it be possible to create custom wallpapers, ringtones, etc?

Doesn’t appear to be. All content looks be to catalog purchases only.

17. What is the limit of the size of the miniSD card?

At this time, we say 2GB because that is the current largest MiniSD available. There’s nothing on the device imposing a limit, so larger cards should work. However, until one exists that can be physically tested there is no 100% guarantee. I’d say 95% the only limit the available sizes.

18. Is there going to be a trade-in program like the Sidekick 2 had?

Doesn’t look like it. Current info shows it’s just gonna be a straight upgrade.

19. Have there been any improvements to the browser itself?

Other than the EDGE browsing speeds, the browser is roughly the same.

20. Will the applications, games, ringtones, etc. purchased on the Sidekick 2 get moved over to the Sidekick 3?

All games and applications will need to be repurchased for the SK3. Ringtones I think will transfer over as those are not device/OS specific like the apps.

21. What color is the backlight on the keyboard?

It’s an orange color. Here are some pictures of it:

22. Can the chargers from the Sidekick 2 be used with the Sidekick 3?

Yes. The charges are interchangeable between the two.

23. What can be done with the USB port?

The USB will allow you to mount the SK3 on your computer to transfer MP3s the MiniSD card. You can also transfer pics you took and saved to the card to your PC. The SD card mounts as a standard external drive (like a USB Thumbdrive, or an iPod), so you can really store anything you can think of on the card for whatever reason. Of course, they won’t be able to be read by the SK3, only stored.

24. Will you be able to view buddy info in AIM? Can you change the “via hiptop” info?

No and No still.

25. Will there be limited edition Sidekicks, like the Mr Cartoon orJuicy SK2s? Different color Sidekicks?

Unknown. If there are, Danger/Tmobile does not pre-announce launch dates or share details about upcoming products

26. Does playing MP3s have an effect on the speed of other applications?

Nope. You can multi-task as usual. I have notice any kind of lag due to playing MP3s in the background.

27. How long is the battery life on average?

It all depends on your usage of course, but I’m averaging about 1 1/2 days on a charge with constant IM/YIM/MSN and Terminal sessions running. I usually charge nightly anyway.

28. Does the Sidekick 3 have full IMAP support, including folders?

It appears that IMAP support is still limited as before. This is more of a server side issue than device, as the server is the one interacting with the mail account and just pushing data to your device.

29. Do you like your job?

Of course!


A HUGE thanks to appletech for taking the time out of doing battle with the overwhelmed forums to answer these questions for us. 🙂 You rock!

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24 Responses to “Appletech Answers..”

  1. JackieMarie Says:

    COOL AND yay a orange backlight!

  2. ohshhitscarl Says:

    Probably my first and only complaint about the SK3. We have to repurchase the damn apps. This blows. I have a lot of apps and they weren’t cheap either.

  3. Ya Boy B Says:

    man…im kinda of dissapointed…i mean shit t mobile has put so many restrictions on us its crazy. you cant use mp3’s as ringtones? why not that’s crazy. i wanted to know if the sk3 camera was better than the sk2 camera i wonder if anyone asked that…this kinda sucks but hopefully there will be a OTA with more better features soon and we will get some more stuff…hopefully we can only pray..

  4. Ya Boy B Says:

    also why were those keyboard picture taken in the dark? that’s weird…

  5. Faufrey Says:

    well… What the F U C K. this thing sounds like something that woulda come out about a year ago…. for creating all this hype its turned out to being nothing specail, very un-satisfying.. idk im ill still buy one… but for f u c k sake try a little harder next time…..

  6. DangerTrooper Says:

    “also why were those keyboard picture taken in the dark? that’s weird…”

    Because you can’t see the backlight in the light genious.

  7. Faufrey Says:

    hahah i noticed that to.. duh

  8. ohshhitscarl Says:

    Heh. Spelled genius wrong.

  9. Ya Boy B Says:

    haha i know….why he tryna get smart, it was just a simple question…no need to get rowdy…lol

  10. blake Says:

    I am pretty angry about the fact you cant make ringers out of the mp3s. That is what sold it for me. I don’t know why they’d do that to us.

  11. blake Says:

    and can’t you connect through your phone to use the internet for your laptop on just about every other phone now? man tmobile is screwing us although i am sure i will still get the 3.

  12. aMaZin Says:

    lol haha anywys fellas still hopin the price will be a lil lower

  13. Ya Boy B Says:

    ya me 2…i will know in like 30 mins how much it cost…im guessing between 100-150 for me 2 upgrade…if its anylower i will be surprised…

  14. Ya Boy B Says:

    hey i just logged into check to see what HANDHELDS were on there now and if the sidekick3 was on there yet and it keeps syaing the server is down, i hope it aint gonna do that all nite!!

  15. unclejonjon88 Says:

    so no mms.. gay…

  16. jre25 Says:

    I could’ve SWORN that I saw in other IMAGES that the backlight was BLUE!!!!!!!! I was psyched up about this too!!!! I’m tired of tha ORANGE backlight….

  17. InkDrinker Says:

    LOL, Do you guys realize every question that was asked to this guy had a negative anwser lol, this phone keeps getting worse and worse… its like Tmo is testing the population on how pathetic it is and what it can do and still sell to the american idiots…

  18. BSP Says:

    Im fucking pissed. I had a SK2, went from that to the MDA, and just upgraded to the Sk3 tonight. T-mobile is the biggest piece of shit on the planet. So not only do we not get to use our own ringtones, or record our own ringers (when the shit is built into the phone from the getgo) but current SK users have to repurchase all their apps for the SK3. Really, this is a wallet rape by T-Mobile. The only aspect of the SK that I love is the email and instant messaging. Other then that, same screen, locked OS, slightly better camera…… Fucking bullshit…….

    Seriously, and this is a plea for help. If there was ever a time something needed to be hacked its now. T-Mobile is fucking us. Somebody hack this thing and unlock its full potential. If it can be done to a PSP and Xbox 360, I dont see why it cant be done here, and T-Mobile deserves it. There really is nothing stopping them from taking all of our money on ringtones and apps (which they will) and there is nothing we can do about it.

  19. joeblow08 Says:

    All of this whining is really starting to get on my nerves. I do not know if you guys know or not but all you have to do is become a developer on Danger’s site and that will open up the full potential of the device. I did it with the Sidekick 2. You can even develop your own apps and games if you want to. I don’t remember the name of the program but it was a progam that let you convert any song into an MP3 ringtone.

  20. bape Says:

    that is absolute CRAP!!!! there are FREE PHONES with more advanced features. this is all t-mobile’s fault…anything to save a buck…this is disgusting
    and it sucks because i’m still going to buy one because i’m a shallow hypebeast. i’m only gonna use it as a second phone for texting….my fucking RAZR does more than this piece of crap….. $300 my ass

  21. Liquifire3D Says:

    Sure the camera is better,there’s msn messenger,and an mp3 player but it all falls apart after that. First thing you’ll notice about the sk3 is that it feels like a cheap hollow piece of plastic. It seem so frail and fears of shattering on the first drop take a front row seat. This comes frome dangers attempts to continually evolve the sk into a device that looks like a cell phone. Completly missing the fact that people( even the ones that unwitingly make the suggestions for that evolution ) bought the device because it looked differant, because it wasn’t a common cell phone,because it grabbed the attention of everyone in the room or club. Even mind you when the device had a fraction of other phones and pda’s abilities.
    Then you’ll notice that you have to repay for all of your apps,games,and ringtones(and that’s if they’re even avalible) what’s the matter tmobile did you lose the propriatary rights to the generic uncopyrighted non propriatary DOLPHIN sound bite. This is really the heart of my dissapointment. Fleecing your long time loyal customers, the ones that lifted this device from total obscurity,is a terribly fast way to loose that customer base. Sure everyone will buy the device but they won’t puchace apps,game or ring tones again for fear of tossing their cash down a sewer drain. Will they buy the next device…hell no. one of the sidekicks strongest points is the fact that you didn’t have to move anything. Just change the chip and bam your off and running.
    The speaker is gone in the back. The device uses the earphone speaker instead. What’s the quality……ummmm I’d say a mouse fart is louder. I could hear the sk2 ring inside my house while I was out in the yard. With the sk3 I’ve missed calls(in a noisy crowd to be fair) when the phone was in my jacket pocket.
    Arguments are made for the reintergration of old software because of the new operating system. Who are you trying to kid DANGER the only noticable differance are submenus. If the os is that differant you just did a whole lotta work for nothing. Its easy to see the APPLEness lingering in the DANGER execs. Introduce a new product on the market,corner that nich,then at the hight of your success hit the self destruct button.

    The sk3 has left me with the feeling that this will be my last sidekick.

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  23. Mr.JerryBanzor Says:

    Very Informative Posts.
    I really like what you have going on here. I’ll be back soon

  24. seante Says:

    Yea seriosuly. Im from australia and telstra (our major phone company) are doing the same thing with the hiptop3 (same as the sidekick, just a different name) and the worst part is that they neglect to inform you that they have blocked all the standard features phones nowadays have. Like video recording, bluetooth file transfers and using mp3s as ringtones. SOMEONE!!! Please hack this sh!t already so we can properly use our phones!!!

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