Are you getting a Sidekick 2009?

We’ve noticed a lot of talk in the comments on other posts about whether or not people are going to get the Sidekick 2009 (Blade) when it comes out. We figured we’d put a poll out there to see what people are thinking. So let us know what you’re going to do and drop your opinions in the comments on this post!

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52 Responses to “Are you getting a Sidekick 2009?”

  1. Wicked1 Says:

    My initial thought was to wait until I could actually mess with the LX 09 in person, but now I’m thinking that I won’t be getting it and will probably be switching to a G1. I really don’t want to, I love my sidekick and have been a loyal user since 05, but the fact that it is still closed source and we will have to pay for everything, well for appz and games, since there is a crappy ringtone recorder function, but we will still have to pay for these things, and the prices are steadily increasing-this is what is going to make me switch. I don’t really care about a touchscreen, but the free ringtones, apps, games on the G1 is going to make me switch. My sister just switched to a G1, and I just set it up for her, put her music and pictures on it, downloaded games and apps for free, man it’s just better, it pains me to admit that. I have an upgrade coming up in September, but I’m probably not going to wait. I think I’m gonna go get a G1 next weekend, so I can sell my LX before the LX 09 comes. Man, I really don’t want to, but the Sidekicks are not advancing enough in comparison for phones that are out and are the same price or cheaper. The G2 not having a keyboard is a deal breaker for me as well, so I’m going to go for the G1. Man and I’m gonna have to pay $35 for data.

    My sis got the hook up on her G1 and the guy who did said that there is a touchscreen sidekick that is going to be released at the earliest in Dec of this year. I don’t know how accurate this is, but I figured I should just throw out there.

  2. jeremy Says:

    WTF man, im a loyal user since the 2, this phone used to be amazing, iv always been on the sidekicks side thinking this year it will finally get allot better and up to date, but naa their lagging, and im about to be done with sidekicks. this phone just is the last straw.

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