Ask an Appletech!

The (in)famous appletech has agreed to answer some user-submitted questions for us! For those that don’t know, appletech is one of the moderators over at the forums. He’s got his hands on a Sidekick 3 and is ready to answer your questions. We suggest keeping your questions more specific to the device and NOT “How much does it cost? Where’s my upgrade plan? etc.”

We’ll take some of the best and most commonly asked questions and send them his way when we have a good amount.

If you have a question to submit, send it here. Please keep the ASK: in the subject line so we don’t overlook your email. We’re looking forward to putting some of the rumors to rest, so… what do you really want to know?

15 Responses to “Ask an Appletech!”

  1. CkillaCkam Says:

    fiinally im 1st!!!!!!!

  2. R Kritikal Says:

    forget a question i just want one

  3. joeblow08 Says:

    I think everyone is clear on the specs but what is blurry is the exact pricing and upgrade deals. Is it really going to be 300 with 2yr, 350 with 1yr and 400 with none?

  4. R Kritikal Says:

    $250-$450 it dont matter to me im gettin one, the price is the least of my worries to be honest

  5. macfreak Says:

    1. Tethering? Never? Why not?

    2. Music via Bluetooth?

    3. Will additional (downloadable) apps accompany the Sidekick 3 launch?

    4. Is Danger’s server capacity prepared for a doubling of data demand? An overwhelmed Danger backend would make EDGE irrelevant.

    5. Has there been discussion of a business-level hiptop?

    6. What was the logic behind the switch to hard plastic keys? Reviews have been mixed, though certainly not all negative.

    7. Do you like your job?

  6. ohshhitscarl Says:

    i believe he said send them to him in an email.

  7. youngeurow Says:

    *clears throat*
    I have an annocment to make……
    I live in maryland and I have official
    Held the sk3 in my sweaty palms and I have to say that shit is hott!
    Its super small compared to the sk2
    The screen actually does look better and really brite I mean I had to wipe the drool away from my lip
    The lady at tmobile told me to call on the 28th and the public will get it july 10th she also said if I didn’t feel like paying for it then I could just get it put on my next bill and recive it in about 4 days (so I would get it in the mail probably sat or mon) I……mean damn that shit felt so good its beautiful tmobile I salute you on a great phone! 🙂
    oh yeah the buttons feel a lot different too but I think I can get use to it and the tracball is the fukkin shit its real easy to get use 2

  8. macfreak Says:

    thank you carl.

  9. Phate Says:

    Out of curiousity, what do you mean by tethering, macfreak?

    And in response to your sixth question, personally, on my Sidekick II the rubber keyboard is no longer secured except for on the very sides. I can easily lift up the pad to see underneath it, and can see the light under it. Rather annoying, though I suppose it’s no real damange…

  10. Nicole Says:

    Pictures from the Sidekick 3 launch party are up on and

  11. Nicole Says:

    PS- They totally scooped this blog and it is DEDICATED to the SK3. :-/

  12. Nicole Says:

    More sites that have pictures… has quite a few entries about the launch party.

  13. n64ssb Says:

    those blog entries are hilarious. look at the “Keanu Reeves is Too Stupid to Use a Computer ” one

  14. karina Says:

    where could i get a sidekick for $50.00 in newark NJ

  15. tito Says:

    how to delete your records on the sidekick lx 09?

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