August 11th

What’s going to happen on August 11th? says to check back for more on August 11th. We haven’t heard anything about what this means. It may just be goodies on the websites, more flash fun or something. Maybe they’re releasing a Game Boy emulator? Or just an OTA? Some people are speculating video playback, although we doubt it. What do you think?

56 Responses to “August 11th”

  1. KoryHutchinson Says:

    I’m sure they r lying…..its out nationwide as of july 10th go on the website and just order it if the stores are stuntin….or call them and see if u can send in a money order for one if u don’t have a credit card….

  2. Bemmer Boi Says:

    Maybe it could be the limited editions btw the red sidekick in the other video is a baby phat edition but does anyone know what the edition for guys will be?

  3. ainjo Says:

    Hey am I the only one wit a wobly screen??? It feels like its gonna fall off the phone. And like twice wen I flipped the screen open, everything stood upside down and didn’t flip like its supposed 2. What in the blue hell??

    Well I hope they not makin us wait 4 sumthin stupid…I can’t wait 2 see wat it is tho.

  4. sr24vlz Says:

    I love my sidekick don’t get me wrong but on top of not being able to use ur mp3s as ringtones, they give you a lousy limitation of 10 freaking ringtones….that prety dumb looking at the fact that they blocked certain apps to save money….*news flash* the more ringtones downloadable…the more people buy…….. especially on the sk3 since they removed all the free rt from sk2…at least raise the limitation to 20 if they’re not gona let us use our mp3s….about the sidekick3 site…I read the thing and if u read carefully… it says come back on Aug 11th to unlock more party secrets or something like that….its for the site not for the phone….hopefully I’m wrong

  5. sr24vlz Says:

    u have a defective phone kid

  6. xxxaaammm12 Says:

    the day has come

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