Black Sidekick 3?

Everyone knows that custom paint jobs on Sidekicks have been around since the days of the black and white Sidekick. We’ve seen all colors of the rainbow and then some. And we’ve also seen people try to pass these off as “special edition” Sidekicks from time to time. Usually it’s just to look cool or to joke around with people, but it looks like someone is trying to scam some unenlightened people on eBay with this auction.

The auction immediately throws up some warning flags. We’re not sure when Samsung started making Sidekicks or how a “Never Opened” phone has a picture of it. And why would T-Mobile be giving away an unlocked device? We noticed the tag on the photo pictured in the auction wasn’t tied to the seller, and tracked down the original auction the photo came from. In the original auction, it clearly states that this was a custom paint job. Our sources say there were no black devices that came from Danger or T-Mobile.

So save your money, go get a can of spray paint and make your own black Sidekick 3.

2 Responses to “Black Sidekick 3?”

  1. b-easy Says:

    yeah… its really stupid.. I reported it to e-bay..

  2. kickbackcat Says:

    looks like it just has a black clip case over it

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