BlackBerry ripping off Danger?

As far as we know, the Sidekick 3 was the first big mobile device to come out with a trackball. (No, that old Powerbook doesn’t count, you know what we mean) One of our readers pointed out the BlackBerry Pearl that was officially announced recently. We headed over to Gizmodo to check out some good pics of it. It looks way too similar to the trackball found on the Sidekick 3. We’re just speculating at this point and I’m no lawyer, but I wonder if Danger has any sort of claim to this. We all know they’re patent lawyers are all over the signature screen flip. What about the other aspects of the device?

8 Responses to “BlackBerry ripping off Danger?”

  1. Says:

    1stt post yess! i never gotton it lol anyway i don’t htink thhey have a patent on it no reason to sue

  2. b-easy Says:

    it is he same color of the sidekick… same trackball style(not same trackball its self)… same 1.3 mega pixl… same style of call and end call buttons… but now qwerty key board.. hmmm… I would never buy it..

    *SK till i die*

  3. Ya Boy B Says:

    hey b-easy…you know when you said something about a 5 letter word in the “marketing campaign” article, could that five letter word be VIDEO? just wondering i’m prolly wrong but i figured i give it a shot.

  4. b-easy Says:

    No. it deals with the memory card. Lol. try again.. but IM me. i think i posted me AIM in the marketing thing . lol.

  5. Ya Boy B Says:

    iight i will, i would have IMed you a while back I thought you said you wanted ppl to stop. I know how bots can get a hold of ya AIM and just bug the shit outta you.

  6. b-easy Says:

    nah..i changed my mind. Lol

  7. LUVTHISLIFE85 Says:

    It’s actually UT Starcom not Danger

  8. C-LO21 Says:

    Fuck my sk3…i fuckin hate dat shit….evry 2min…call failed…call busy piece of shit is only good when your some where with good reception….im gettin ma blackberry pearl in two weeks and selling ma perfect condition sk3 wit ma 2gb 4 $300….the only thin ima miss about it isdat wonderful keyboard…but w.e i cant wit dat shit any more

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