Call for leads

Yes, there hasn’t been many updates lately. There’s no decent news, and we didn’t feel like making something into sidekick 3 related news even though it’s not related. If anyone has any leads, stories, or info they want to share, please send it to: news [at]

18 Responses to “Call for leads”

  1. Andy Says:

    The Sidekick III will come when it comes.

  2. Sean Says:

    Well if it doesnt come out in the next few weeks.. im going to have to switch to a blackberry 🙁 … I dont want to….. But i need bluetooth now.


  3. Joooel Says:

    Backberrys are just simply not as easy to navigate around the OS with as the SK’s are. I found myself slightly frustrated with the Blackberry after 10 minutes on it. Where are my page up/down buttons? Weres my D-pad? Add that to SK’s perfect keyboard and BB’s are just kinda silly.

  4. Bob Thornberry Says:

    Ya the sidekick is user friendly! Its sooo easy, I hate the blackberry and treo!

    I want the SK3

  5. lito Says:

    Yep..I just got to sit and wait I don’t care how long it takes…I don’t for no fuckin bluetooth…they just probably want that shit because everyone and there moms got it…forget that…it’ll come when it does!just got to sit back and wait it out..

  6. sami Says: your all pretty much idiots.i talked to my friend that works at just to let you know..they get the sidekicks info. like when it comes out like 2 months before anyone.and they dont know when its comming dont plan on it comming out in april.espically since its already the 20th.

    jeeze.your all a bunch of idiot-faces.get a grip.its a fricking can deal

  7. Sean Says:


    Hey Sami. IF anyone is an Idoit.. Its you… I just bought a Lexus that has Bluetooth. Meaning… I make calls in my car via the navigation.. and its voice activated.. so thats why I want bluetooth.. Cause as of right now… I have a functionality that i cant use….

    SO That said…… Yes its a phone…. But some of us are a bit more important than you.. 😉

  8. Tomson Says:


  9. Joooel Says:

    Sami. Everyone here knows tmobile ppl know nothing. That includes you.

  10. Scott Says:

    Someone who calls someone an idiot is an idiot themselves.

  11. Tomson Says:

    Scott, you’re an idiot.

  12. Mike Says:

    This is sorta circumstancial, but my buddy works for tmobile as a salesperson and said they are all sold out of SK2s and he doesnt think they plan on getting more in.

    Also all of the accessories for them have been on sale/clearance.

    He doesnt know anything about a release date, he hears the same stuff everyone on here does, but he did take notice this april arrival is sorta here and they are clearing out SK2 stuff.

  13. Patrice Says:

    I stopped in the tmobile store today and the salesgirl (who’s anxious for the 3 herself) hasn’t heard of a release date but did tell me that they have stopped manufacturing the 2.

  14. Tyrone R Says:

    Hey that’s the sidekick 3. I know because if you look at the sides as he moves is has the silver trimming. Plus I have a celeb in my family and they are on last testing stages. That me be 1 of the first finished models. It’s going to look different from the one on this site by lil detail. But this is the sidekick 3. Also to let you know keep searching for the upcoming data devices and phone. There 6 new phone coming out this year and the sidekick 3 is one of them. You can get put on the list for the sidekick 3 once is on the site before it hit stores. I know because i got family on the inside. There no re lease date so just pay attection and wait. holla

  15. Brittany Says:

    Most of the information on the sk3 seems so shady. But one thing’s for certain, bluetooth IS important.

    Just because YOU’RE not in need of something doesn’t mean that somebody else is. I’ve got a Lexus like Sean and it would come in handy.


  16. jessica Says:

    i went in to t-mobile today and did a little flirting with the sales guy and got the information i wanted 🙂 the sidekick 3 will be coming out at the end of may. he said they’re going to sell out really fast and all you can do is wait to see it at

  17. whatever Says:


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