CNet confirms the discontinuation of the Sidekick II

Jose Cruz writes to us to let us know that CNet has posted the following message on their review of the Sidekick II:

This product is no longer sold by our merchant partners. Information below was accurate at time of review.

It’s getting more and more official every day it seems.

20 Responses to “CNet confirms the discontinuation of the Sidekick II”

  1. johnnycake Says:

    i’m 1st

  2. johnnycake Says:

    i’ second!!!!!!!!

  3. johnnycake Says:

    Cnet is always right when something is discontinued they post that they don’t sell the anymore.

  4. johnnycake Says:

    ipod’s whooooooooooooooo!!!!! o ipods and sidekicks. they are cewl. The sidekick III will be expensive and alot of people won’t buy it.. LIKE ME. But i want it. But if only they price it like $300 no more than that i only have $110 🙁

  5. johnnycake Says:


  6. johnnycake Says:

    sorry for that

  7. johnnycake Says:

    sorry for posting that again!!

  8. johnnycake Says:

    OMG i did again!!!

  9. johnnycake Says:

    ARGHHHHHHHH!! sorry thi is the last one okay.


    damn I feel bad for you I have $600 for the sk3 so I will definitly be getting one :-p

  11. DangerTrooper Says:

    jesus. johnnysidekick is just as bad as the old spammers.

  12. DangerTrooper Says:

    I mean johnnycake


    will t-mobile still be selling sk2 because it said this product will no longer be sold by our merchant partners. I’m kind of lost. :-\

  14. iwantask3 Says:

    So… I went to go upgrade my phone today and I was going to get a SKII because it was going to be cheaper then getting the other phone I wanted. So I was like, hey where are all your sidekicks? & the salesperson said they no longer carried them because the SK3 was coming out @ the end of JUNE!!! It’s official, the SK3 is on its way!!! I am to assume that the release date will be June 23, like it said on that leaked map. I am sooo excited!! = )

  15. LinuxGold Says:

    Johnycake… whats with all the posting/trolling? Very annoying, stop.

    Alas the SK2 is being phased out :(. That can only mean one thing, time to bring in the SK3!

  16. OREN Says:

    yesss june 23 is the supposed release date

    you all know what that means

    yes i get it for my birthday

    my birthday is june 23

    hahaha its a sign from god

    i love my life

    who cares how much it costs

    its my substitute for a p.i.m.p. 16 party

    i think its pretty equivalent

    dont you

    i also want to share another thing its kind of lame but its funny

    i dont know if your following this site but a few blog comments back some guy in the packaging department at sharp commented saying he gets casings for the sk3 blah blah blah

    well i had a dream the other night

    haha so i was super rich and i was a celebrity and i was going to be the first one with the sk3 according to my dream and so i went to the factory so i can hand chose one not that they differe but lets just say for now

    so i was in the factory and tmobile was giving to me as a birthday present cuz i was throwing a huge celebrity birthday party you know what im talking about and they wanted me to “flaunt” the sk3 at my birthday so everyone will be jealous or something so i was picking one and yeah then i woke up and realized i suck at life and im late for school


    but maybe this is a sign not that im going to be a celebrity but since my birthday is on june 23 this could mean that they were giving it to me etc etc thats really wild i think

    laugh at me if you want

    but hey that is pretty wierd that even in my dream its like that

    and i only found out today may 19th that is released on june 23 by a comment on the top here ^^^^ so thats funny cuz my dream was last week sometimes around the 10th or something

    thats wild

  17. BritBrat version 666 Says:

    I am so freaking excited!

  18. TheRealLinuxGold Says:

    I’m excited too. I left my browser on so I can refresh everyday awaiting Danger’s announcement. Saves my sanity.

  19. TheRealLinuxGold Says:

    Deaf Pagers are discontinuing Sidekick II


    OFFICIAL: Sidekick II is discontinued model. T-Mobile is not longer to supply any more Sidekick II.

    Now, we are waiting for newest Sidekick model to come out sometimes this year. Please sign up for wait list for newest Sidekick model that replace older model, Sidekick II

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