Colorware for the Sidekick LX

Colorware for Sidekick LX
Colorware has a time line up that indicates they’ll be offering their popular colorization service for the Sidekick LX towards the end of January. So if you want a Sidekick LX in some fancy color other than brown or blue, hang on until January 21st! If you’ve got a Sidekick 3, you can already get the special color treatment from them here

5 Responses to “Colorware for the Sidekick LX”

  1. sdk4fiend Says:

    ok im lookin foward 2 this but if is not t-mobile doing this how do i know there not triying 2 steal my phone?

  2. tande Says:

    Because colorware is a long standing and respected company.

    They started with Macbooks and iPods but they now cover Wiis, PS3s, and even TVs.

  3. sassyjap Says:

    Is this something will be able to buy a new one directly from them? Will it be the same price or more than if you get it at tmobile sotre? Will it be possible to send our sidekick lx in and have it done on an previously purchased one?

  4. enriques04 Says:

    hey does anyone know if having the phone painted void your warranty?

  5. nellyjr314 Says:

    My sidekick LX looks tight.

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