Colorware Now Coloring Sidekick 3s!

Custom colored Sidekick 3 from Colorware PC

For those looking to add a little bit of customization to their Sidekick 3 without having to buy a limited edition device or deal with the task of disassembling and spray painting their device there is now an option. Colorware, the company probably best known for giving Apple users a choice other than black and white, is now coloring Sidekick 3s. You’ll have a huge choice of colors that you can mix and match at your command. It’ll only cost you $99-$129 depending on your color choices, and you’ll have to send in your Sidekick 3 and wait about a week. Not only will you have new colors, but you’ll get some additional scratch protection and color that won’t fade. All the more reason to buy a Sidekick 3 and make it your own.

Thanks to everyone submitting this, sorry it didn’t go up earlier. We were in the process of moving to California to get closer to Danger headquarters. 😉

2 Responses to “Colorware Now Coloring Sidekick 3s!”

  1. Amiko Says:

    i just next day aired my sidekick 3 to Colorware. I also requested 2 day return shipping. i will let you know if it is as nice in person as it appears to be online — and if the paint job really does hold up without chipping and is scratch resistant.

  2. michael Says:

    that is so dope i wana sk3 over my enV2 fosho now!!!

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