Comparing Screen Resolutions on the Sidekicks

Sidekick Screen Resolution Comparison

Want to see how much better the screen resolution on the Sidekick LX 2009/Blade is going to be? Check out this image comparing the different sizes that Mike sent in. Click on it to get the full resolution. Of course the screen isn’t going to be that big, it’s just a comparison of how many delicious pixels are going to be crammed into that screen. It should be looking awesome as there are very few phones on the market with this high of resolution, especially in the US.

No idea what we’re blabbing about? Want a refresher on display resolution?

9 Responses to “Comparing Screen Resolutions on the Sidekicks”

  1. meme Says:

    Awesome! At first I thought the square was the screen size of the new siekick…but then I was like.ooohhhhh 🙁 haha

  2. Jer Says:

    Slick! I’m lad I’m sticking with hiptops. Bah to the nonbelievers

  3. NZNZNZNZ Says:

    Rofl it sure is a slow news week guys eh?

  4. ezra Says:

    well wen you have a website on just one device this is what happens

  5. unkowned?????????????????? Says:

    how much money is the new sidekick shell and twitter????????????????????
    Can you get it with T-moble?????????????

  6. debra Says:

    Nice cant wait

  7. Setnakt Says:

    Look like another winner! I picked the LX over the slide and even the then to be released 08′ because of the screen size and resolution (and video regarding the Slide). This 09′ looks like it’s got the best of all previous Sidekicks and more. I bet that “other” lame SK site is still denying it even is coming out, lol! I rather have slow news than NO news like “some” places. Been with Sidekicks since the 1st B/W version, it’s finally getting really good!

  8. bunny22 Says:

    I totally agree with you! @ Setnakt

  9. prettyboi Says:

    Yea I got bitchs with my sidekick

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