D-Wade’s Sidekick and Shoulder

Looks like GeekSugar has some photos from the DWade release party fun in Las Vegas. Several hip hop stars were there, including Will.i.am, Ciara, Luda, Kelis and DJ AM, as well as other celebrities. Yes, probably another great party that you weren’t invited to. (Don’t worry, neither were we)

While we have heard of the dreaded “Sidekick-thumb” disorder, the jury is still out on whether or not D-Wade’s excessive Sidekick usage had anything to do with the dislocation of his shoulder on Wednesday night. Ouch. We couldn’t help but notice the indirect reference to D-Wade’s Sidekick from head coach, Pat Riley:

Riley said he would talk with Wade about the decision in the next couple of days.

“I don’t have any anticipation,” Riley said Thursday night before an NBA finals rematch against Dallas. “I wrote him a letter today — FedExed it, because his mailbox was loaded on his phone.”

Hey guys, maybe it’s time to bump up the size of the mailbox? 🙂

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