Danger and Motorola, sitting in a tree?

Now we all know that Danger has always said they’re not a hardware vendor and that they’re more interested in selling their OS and service. However, the past 4 years there has only been ‘one’ device with multiple revisions, the hiptop/sidekick. Nothing too different, just the evolution of this one device. With a large amount of hiring going on, it looks like Danger is finally gearing up to take the Danger OS and backend onto new devices. With some close scrutinization of Danger’s website there are quite a few clues popping up that make us think something big is on the horizon. Take a look at some of the job postings on there. A few snippets from the current job openings that strike us as interesting:

Senior Software Engineer
* Integrate 2.5 and 3G wireless radio protocol stacks to Danger’s OS platform, especially L2 and L3.
* Write device drivers for new peripherals.

Software Engineer
* Configuration Engineering work for assisting in the launch of new wireless operators and/or upgrading existing partners, consisting of the following:
* HiptopSDE (Service Deliver Engine) customization.
* Web interface customization.

OS Engineer
As a member of the Firmware group, duties would involve bringing up Danger OS on new hardware. Tasks may include writing drivers for devices such as lcd, keyboard, timers, trackballs, etc. Other tasks may include working with communications stacks such as TCP/IP, telephony, Bluetooth, and USB. The position would involve working with other groups such as hardware, libraries, and applications.

That’s great and all, but what sort of devices you say? Check this out:

Motorola Ventures is now listed on Danger’s Investors page. Oh, and remember that roadmap from awhile back?

Yeah, that one. Motorola, Sidekick Razr… See where I’m going with this? So to sum it up:
– The Motorola link on the investors page
– Job postings mentioned above that specify new hardware
Job postings that mention video
– The roadmap being pretty darn accurate so far about devices

Do we have a Motorola device powered by Danger on its way?

By now, we bet everyone’s wondering what the image at the beginning of this post is of. Well, here’s a little kicker for all this. Dusting off the archives (before hiptop3.com was even around) we’ve found some old patents that Danger filed for back in 2004. Could it be that these design ideas are still bouncing around the halls of Danger? Looks like it would fit in well with the RAZR line. Check these out:

5 Responses to “Danger and Motorola, sitting in a tree?”

  1. macfreak Says:

    Motorola Ventures has been on the investor list for years.

    This isn’t new.

  2. b-easy Says:

    Sweet action. Too bad its ugly. I hope that isnt it! thank goodness its a patented idea!

  3. frogger Says:

    i really like the design near the end right before the pic of the original sidekick, it kinda looks like the Sk2 but the screen slides upwards. now that would be cool. the SLIDEKICK!

  4. frogger Says:

    oh, the pic is at the very bottom by the other Sk2 designs, not the original.

  5. sr24vlz Says:

    I’m looking forward to it……. y so soon though?

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