Diane Von Furstenberg’s Backside

Gadget Candy (a site for girls that like gadgets that makes us swoon to think that such girls are out there) got a shot of the backside of the Dian Von Furstenberg Sidekick 3. Nothing exciting, just DVF’s signature. For those guys out there who want a black Sidekick 3, but don’t want a “girly” phone with it, you’ll have to bust out the electrical tape to cover up the back too I guess.

5 Responses to “Diane Von Furstenberg’s Backside”

  1. anthonyjta Says:

    extremely boring.

  2. sk3owner Says:

    both backside shots are available at http://www.hiptop.com front page

  3. s4xton Says:

    Fucking worthless.

  4. wright1SD Says:

    they should bring the Juicy Couture and Mr. Cartoon back!!!!!

  5. discount ed hardy Says:

    I think this is real fun and the most superb fashion show.

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