eBay auctions for presale

For what it’s worth, Annmarie found this eBay auction for a Sidekick 3 Presale. Buyer beware.

6 Responses to “eBay auctions for presale”

  1. FutrExec01 Says:

    man, i wouldnt even bother with that…sure they are 100% positive in their feedback but how? look at all those typos, and it sounds WAY too fishy to be messin around with that…they could have at least posted one of the animated pics of the SK3…god have mercy on the poor soul who throws them their $600 lol

  2. Ya Boy B Says:

    yea I wouldn’t bother with it, I rather go to a retail store and get it…

  3. tonightwestorm Says:

    i agree.
    1. this person is from chatsworth, the porn capital of california.. how reliable could they be? 2. if he/she were really an “authorized t-mobile dealer” i don’t think they would be selling stuff on ebay in a 20pt. font with spelling errors.

  4. xoannieox Says:

    When I saw it I was like, you’ve got to be kidding me, anyone who’d throw the money to this guy is taking a HUGE risk. I’d rather wait it out then bid on a presale on something that’s not even gauranteed, let alone pay 600 dollars!

  5. SK_III Says:

    It might be real but he might make a profit off the $600 if its $500 or less

  6. superdj1 Says:

    what a retard, who is gonna spend 600bucks???????? Its GOT to cost max 300, or else they wont make n.e. money cuz for that you can get a treo, etc…

    SK3 PWNES!!

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