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We got a lot of emails at There are all sorts of emails from “where can I get a sidekick 3?” to exclusive information like you’ve seen posted before. While we can’t hook you up with a Sidekick 3 deal until they’re officially released, we can tell you that we’ll have some good deals for people ready to open a new account with TMobile when they buy a Sidekick 3. For all you current owners, we suggest going the upgrade route with TMobile. Back to the topic at hand, here are snippets from a few emails we’ve received lately. We haven’t necessarily verified the truth behind any of these yet:

Hi, i know how you said on your site not to bother
going to a tmobile store and asking about the sidekick
III, but i like skipped in there yesterday with my
friends and asked the first guy i saw “When is the new
sidekick coming out?” and he said “July 10th” and he
told me about the upgrade, its not going to be like
the old one its going to be only if your eligable for
an upgrade, thank goodness i am!!


Sorry… No pics. But I was able to navigate through the menu options a bit. First thing I noticed, the menu, jump, etc button are smaller. The top buttons are more recessed. It is a tad slimmer. The “mouse” will take some getting used to. It seems loose and with the sideways open/retract menu option… I can see it be an annoyance at first. With the resolution not changing, the immediate difference or benefit of 1.3 megapixel camera couldn’t be noticed.

I know I’m stoked about it and for me… Its gonna be free. Booo yaaaa…


Hey guys, My sister( the one who works for t-mobile) Just got home and said they got to see pictures on the sk3. Went to your site and saw the post. I will tell my sis to send them or print them, because the t-mobile e-mails dont forward pics to other people outside the server. She is heavily insisting that it does not filp open and that it slides straight up, i think she is wrong.


The relase date according to a t-mobile manger at a corprate store is july 14th I got this info because my girlfriends juicy sidekick took a dump and its like the 3rd time so there gonna give her a sidekick 3 if they can’t fix it this time and the manager gave her that date.


I was in a Tmobile store in Denver, Colorado yesterday and was going to trade in my Sidekick 2 for an MDA. The clerk told me in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS that the 3 will be available by July 9 and that I should check back with him in two weeks to see if there is a wait list to get on.


Hello, My sister is the senior sales rep at a T-Mobile in AZ. Before all the comotion started with the hiptop 3 they recieved an e-mail that was sent out using the T-Mobile forum. It stated the their will be a G-unit edition Hiptop 3, it will be like the Mr. Cartoon for the SK2. It will not be released until a later date. At the all hands meeting they conduct every other month they also announced to be ready for the Hiptop 3, for it will be released July 10th.

And finally, a plug for someone’s website that we unfortunately haven’t had time to check out (let us know how it is in your comments) :

80 Responses to “Email Round-up”

  1. R Kritikal Says:

    damn there used to be like 1 update a day, now its like 1 update a week, this is getting boring

  2. akadrez Says:

    On sum websites they show u how to hack it, juz go to google

  3. zman Says:

    Can’t you guys wait a few days for updates. If there is no news why should he post stuff that’s old. And what happened to the pics of the sidekick 3, its not showing up on my computer

  4. akadrez Says:

    Hey I found one of the girls boyfriend in jersey

  5. youngeurow Says:

    This websites gettin lazy

  6. trackman Says:

    Youngeurow, it tues and the mavs play tonight so I’m watchen for some sign from tmobile

  7. youngeurow Says:

    I correct myself from earlier post the official tmobile release statement and release party will be june 20th which is next tuesday hopefully its accurate

  8. youngeurow Says:


  9. DarkFury Says:

    I was in T-Mobile yesterday and they said it’ll be out in the next couple of months, but no dead-certain relese date on it. (Damn liars) However, when I called, the guy I talked to said the same thing about that and that it did not have video, but that he’s positive there will be an OTA for it most likely by the end of the year. He may be bull-sh!tting me but thats what he said.

  10. zman Says:

    What the heck is ota?

  11. paige Says:

    youngeurow,ask you friend to take a picture of it in the mall and send it to you

  12. tonightwestorm Says:


    OTA stands for “over the air” like other updates for the SK, they are sent over the air to each device. It’s up to each operator to push the update.

  13. zman Says:

    Thanx 4 the info

  14. SxySidekicker3Gal Says:

    I have a question: Can a the sidekick2 – and now the sidekick3 – play streaming audio? in other words, can you listen to internet radio on your sidekick? cuz that will be freakin’ awsome, since the data plans are unlimited anyways…

  15. zman Says:

    The browser probally won’t support it, its not like a computer, I think palms can’t even do that. I just called tmoblie and I asked about the sidekick 3, and she gave me a list of phones coming out soon, just some basic phones coming out, and before I hung she said it will be out soon I am sure, so maybe she is hinting because I don’t think they are allowed to say anything since there calls are recorded

  16. smubound Says:

    I just spoke to a tmobile representative (on the phone) and he said that there is a release date of the 20th for the sk3 (he said it was in their upcoming phones section). How reliable that is, I don’t really know, because when I tried calling again to customer service the person who picked up didn’t know when the release date was. So take the information as you will…I’ll try to keep calling around and seeing if there is any information available on it *shrugs* hopefully there will be…

  17. InkDrinker Says:

    How is it that every T-mobile guy is giving different info?? Was there a memo that told them to bullshit their customers as much as possible… its getting ridiculous!

  18. youngeurow Says:

    Man just release that bullshit fuk it if it don’t come out by july 31st my bday I’m not gettin it I’m getting the mda suck my dick tmobile taken all day and shit >:o

  19. SxySidekicker3Gal Says:

    i am on the verge of buying the Sk2 already,,, all these rumors, how much longer? the only solid thing so far is the FCC stuff, but that doesn’t really tell us if it takes three more months to release the fucking thing.

  20. youngeurow Says:

    This website is pissing me off too what the fuck is up with the updates on this site u guys “use to be num1 idk now I’m losing faith in this site and the sk3 🙁

  21. Matthew Says:

    I Just Call T-Mobile Like 10 Mins Ago To Ask If My Info Was Still Stored Even Tho I Don’t Use My Sidekick Anymore, I Told The Guy I Would Be Buying A Sidekick 3, And He Said That My Info Was Still Stored And When I Get The Sidekick 3 All My Info Will Be Put On It. So I Decided To Ask What I Ask When I Usually Call For Other Things Which Is What We All Want To Know “By Any Chance Do You Know When The Sidekick 3 Is Coming Out?” I Exspected To Get The Usual Run Around “We Dont Have Any Information At This Time.” But Instead Got “We Dont Have An Exact Date But Either Later This Month Or Early Next Month” So I’m Pretty Sure It’s Coming Out Soon! Waiting For New Updates 😀

  22. dollface Says:

    yet another reason not to trust kiosk guys:
    so the other day at work one guy from a kiosk said that it wouldnt be out for a year. now today my mom was in the mall and talked to a different guy from the SAME KIOSK and they told her that she could order it now and we’d get it in three days. my mom made sure that he knew she was talking about the sidekick 3, and he said “of course”. that is bull(youknowwhat). im sure tmobile would give their new fones to mall kiosks before they even advertise….hmmm….then again, im sure they wouldnt. if you took thetime to read this, it is much appreciated.

  23. SxySidekicker3Gal Says:

    i’m not mad at the site, it’s not their fault, i’m mad at the system. we’re all sitting around here, waiting for months, holding our collective breath…if they had a good reason like some type of production error – fine, but what the hell are we all waiting for? for them to get their heads out of their ass?

  24. smubound Says:

    Ok, so I believe I just had a sk3 sighting, please tell me if I’m wrong. I saw what I believe to be a sk3 on mtv’s new celeb car show “Fast Inc.” Anyone else know anything about this or has seen what I’ve seen?

  25. ShowdownSK Says:

    I am a CSR rep at Tmobile. We finally got a Sidekick 3 update in Streamline for the 1st time(prior they were telling us to say we have no informartion of the SK3) So we got pics and features/specs etc… Seems like it should be a good phone this go around. The bluetooth capabilities are nice,removable memory card for pics and MP3’s are nice as well. I don’t remember seeing anything about having video capabilities like the MDA or SDA,but I’ll check again tomorrow at work… The screen lcd seems a lot more sharp which is nice as well. No release date yet or price on a 1 or 2 year CIHU(Upgrade) or even for new activation. We usually get the update 2 weeks prior,so perhaps soon. Anway,there’s the scoop from an employee perspective,not looking forward to the shit load of calls were gonna receive on it though,lol!

  26. youngeurow Says:

    Where did u see the sk3 smubound what scene and what episode

  27. smubound Says:

    it’s this last episode just shown on MTV I think it’s called “Get My Drift” if you browse through the pics on you can see a glimpse of it with some guy holding it in his left hand up to his ear…you can actually see them using it all throughout the episode…it seems smaller than the sk2 that’s why thought i would mention something about it, this one shown in the show seems to only come up a little further to the ear than the sk2 (judging by me holding my sk2 up to my ear and seeing where the “sk3” was at when the guy was holding it up to his ear) there were actually 2 guys (the two main guys…not “Tater”) using it…*shrugs* I could be wrong, but I’m almost certain that this is it…it kind of looks like it does have bumpers, but the bumpers are sunk into the phone more compared to sticking out on the sk2…

  28. tonightwestorm Says:

    i totally agree with SxySidekicker3Gal.

    it’s no one’s fault but t-mobile (for not officially releasing any info yet) and our own for being so obsessed over something we know next to nothing about.

    but the sad thing is i’ll be back here tomorrow morning.

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