Faking the news

Ok, we know we’re not the only site out there reporting on the Sidekick 3 rumors. but at least we’re not making up news…
Sidekick3.blogspot.com has been posting various made-up stories, only to get pwned on each one. The best being a fake ebay listing for a Sidekick 3 from AOL member RWiLL40158.

We especially like how he has ” MS Paint” open with a doc called “ebay” in the screenshots. As if this didn’t need further debunking:
– Ebay user: hiptopdeals808 nor the auction # exist at ebay.com or ebay.ca.
Check out this auction Same price, same item location, same member join date, and same auction end time. Can you say photoshop source?
– The auction image shows the URL “ebay.com” but the cancelled page shows “Ebay.ca” logo.
– Notice the Auction Item info in the Title Bar on the auction page?

Edit: Updated the auction link, sorry, mis-pasted.

2 Responses to “Faking the news”

  1. heatonmyhip Says:

    BS…..this was bound to happen.
    Let the fake news/ads begin (or,eerr….continue.)

    Danger needs to release the official word already.
    I think the hype has reached an all time high last week.

  2. FutrExec01 Says:

    lol yeah ebay.ca? no. And $750? i would DEFINITELY rethink my options! i agree, Danger really should release at least SOME kind of news on this one, its getting out of hand…they may even lose some customers if things get to outrageous and people stray away from this phone to other options

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