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Danger Zante
Sidekick Slide

FCC Docs for the Sidekick Slide have finally hit the FCC site today (FCC ID: IHDT56HE1). What’s surprising though is that the user manual has been posted as well as external and internal photos of the device. Normally a confidentiality request is submitted to hold this info under wraps until close to release date. It looks like Motorola skipped on this part, so it means the device is coming out soon. This also means that the device will be released in the states, most likely on October 16th at that T-Mobile Release Party. For those interested in the FCC docs, we’ve mirrored copies here so you don’t have to trudge through the FCC site. They’re all in PDF format though.

Confidentiality Request
Exhibit 1 FCC ID Label and Location
Exhibit 2 Attestation Statements
Exhibit 3 External Photos
Exhibit 6A1 Bluetooth Report
Exhibit 6A2 UL Test Report
Exhibit 7 Test Setup Photos
Exhibit 7A UL Test Setup Photos
Exhibit 8 Users Manual
Exhibit 8A Supplemental Users Manual
Exhibit 9 Internal Photos
Supplemental Response to IHD7621

Thanks to EngadgetMobile for the find and for pulling out the imagesSidekick Slide ZanteSidekick Slide ZanteSidekick Slide Zante

12 Responses to “FCC Docs for the Sidekick Zante / Slide”

  1. splohocky Says:

    wow…this is pretty much an sk3 with a new case…

    …I got an iPhone this week and am absolutely obsessed with it…

    To think I used to love nothing more than my sidekick…

    How they (Danger/Tmobile) have dropped the ball

    Makes me sad

  2. sidekickslide Says:

    yes the states not the uk tank god its so sexi im gettin it for christmas!!!!

  3. Jephphriey Says:

    That’s pretty atrocious.

  4. sidekickslide Says:

    Jephphriey on September 19, 2007 at 1:31 pm said:

    That’s pretty atrocious.

    that is great not atrocious

  5. dbla921 Says:

    The thing is absolutely hideous!!! Besides the “Record your own ring tone” and the “MediaMessage” this is the SK3 with a slide up screen…. sad.. I’m going to have to waist $300 on this crap..

    Gimme the LX already!!!!

  6. sidekickslide Says:

    dbla921 on September 19, 2007 at 4:18 pm said:

    The thing is absolutely hideous!!! Besides the “Record your own ring tone” and the “MediaMessage” this is the SK3 with a slide up screen…. sad.. I’m going to have to waist $300 on this crap..

    Gimme the LX already!!!!

    shut up its f***ING HAWT!!!!!!!!

  7. thizzrdie Says:

    I can’t load up the User Manual for some reason. I REALLY mant to know about the features. How is the Size difference from the Sidekick 3? Camera, Video, screen size and quality? I’m D

  8. Ryan Yo Says:


    Good, they think the LX will be released first. Makes sense, the slide is th ‘ID’ of the new sk’s so i would imagine it to come after the LX. Either way, im def choosing the LX over the slide. Its just not a sidekick with out ‘the flip’ screen….

  9. Money.Cartel Says:

    man throw that bulky piece of crap in the trash! Even sites like Engadget.com were picking on that phone it looks like a Fisher Price toy phone for babies. Whose going to carry around a Sidekick that damn big? Whoever is designing these phones needs take notes from Nokia & Apple or HTC the Sidekick III has the best design they need to just improve the features & operating system damn the color!

  10. Money.Cartel Says:

    4GB iphone($299) vs. the Sidekick (I, II, III, LX or Slide(priced waaaaaaaaaaay too high!)…

    WINNER: iPhone 4GB or even the 8GB ($399)

  11. hamilton Says:

    The slide is so fugly. It is so huge. And color skeem is fugly. The screen is 2 small. Plus the botons r kreepy. Wtf it a f***** motorola!!! ITS NOT A SIDEKICK WITHOUT A SWIVEL SCREEN!!! I’m gettin the LX.

  12. hamilton Says:

    Were Is the dpad? Or is that realy fugly long thing the dpad? If so that wuld b umcomfetable. And the otha buttons r 2 far away from the trackball, that’s wul be a inconvinence. The sidekick 3 had the best design it just needed 2 b slightly changed.

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