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Ever since the Sidekick LX 2009 came out I’ve been working on a site where you can share ringtones, much like the Sidekick Theme Sites. Well the site is mostly up and running now, there are still some features I’d like to add, but I figured I’d let everyone know where they could get free ringtones for their Sidekick. The name of the site is “Skringers” (get it? SK + ringers) and you can find it at Go check it out, there are already somewhere around 400 ringtones uploaded and people keep uploading them. If you want to know as soon as a ringtone is uploaded, you can also follow the official Twitter account: @skringers. Let me know what you guys and gals think of the site!

Note: You’ll only be able to add these ringtones to the Sidekick LX 2009, or if you’re lucky and are running a non-TMobile Hiptop.

29 Responses to “Free Sidekick Ringtones”

  1. MrSK2008 Says:

    you shoulda said Sidekick LX 2009 Free Ringtones cause i downloaded one for no use cause i have a SK 2008, and i dont wanna buy anything

  2. Michael Says:

    I just have to say GO BUY A PRE. I have had a sidekick since sidekick color. I even had the sidekick LX 2009. I just picked up a pre and it seems like its from another planet. It has so many more features it would blow your mind. SIDEKICKS are dead.

  3. Char'Vez Says:

    Hey my name Char’Vez Creek.I 15 year old and I have 2008 sidekick LX and I want to get new 2009 sidekick LX bec it cool and I want to change it

  4. jay g.reaper Says:

    we offer ringtones for the 09 as well as vidoes and themes
    aim = wckedgangsta

  5. The Professor Says:

    There should be a section for instrumentals

  6. stephanie Says:

    Michael on July 23, 2009 at 8:44 pm said:

    I just have to say GO BUY A PRE. I have had a sidekick since sidekick color. I even had the sidekick LX 2009. I just picked up a pre and it seems like its from another planet. It has so many more features it would blow your mind. SIDEKICKS are dead.

    Wats a pre?

  7. aj000 Says:

    The new phone from Sprint and I gotta agree its way better

  8. kevin Says:

    lol @ whats a pre a pre on a sidekick page is sacrelige if i had to choose between a pre and a g1 or mytouch i’d choose a sidekick lx 09 any day

  9. AMC2009 Says:

    i have the sidekick lx 2009 but how do i add the ringtones from skringers onto my phone?!?!

  10. Thiago Korsakoff Says:

    Hello! Nice post!
    Well, I think ringtones in MP3 is almost a “must have” in any mobile. A site with good variety of ringtones in MP3, I always use is:
    There usually find ringtones of all genres, from well known artists and a lot of new people too, and some funny ringtones!
    Well, here is my tip.

  11. lala Says:

    how can i set it as a ringtone on my sidekick lx

  12. turtle*dove Says:

    Heyy.. So is there a website for free ringtones for the `08?

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Wadd dey he’ll thiis did!!!!
    No help!

  14. ladiixpink Says:

    Hii I have the sidekick 08 & I was wondering where I can get free ringtones for it. I tryed skringers but it won’t let me plz I need yallz help

  15. ladiixpink Says:

    Hi I sent a ringtone to my tmail from skringers & it don’t say nothing about saving to ringtones but on my friends 09 it sayz save to ringtones. How else can I get ringtones without emailz on my sidekick 08….. plz im beggin for some accurrate answerz

  16. SCENiC Says:

    Are you guys retarded? They already said it doesn’t work for the Sidekick 08. It says it on the website too. If you want free ringtones you should’ve invested in an HTC phone or a BlackBerry, because sidekicks fail. Giving my 08 away once i receive my BlackBerry.

  17. fox Says:

    You guy are all mother fucking retarteded idiots

  18. nicey Says:

    I have d sidekick lx I hav not clue on how do get ringtones or do anything else help a slow soul

  19. cj Says:

    whoever just brought a sidekick go take it bac cause dis fone is very stupid. I jus brought my sidekick 3 2 weeks ago n my brother jus brought a touch screen tap n its way better den a sidekick. His fone has everything. Take my advice!!!!!!!

  20. dreamgirl Says:

    I don’t what’s going on but hey I just got like a dozen new ringtones for my 2008 people we shouldn’t call names. All I did was just search evey site.

  21. dreamgirl Says:

    It also helps if you guys jail break your sidekick.

  22. Kayy Says:

    I bought a sidekick Id when it first came out and i didn’t know you couldent get ringtones off websites off of it then the next year i got the sidekick slide and it was way better than the Id now i have the Lx but i like the slide better than the Lx because the Lx is really big for me so i might switch to the slide again…

  23. wessnc Says:

    How do you jailbreak your sidekick because I want ringtones for free

  24. Rina0009 Says:

    My SideKick Lx 2009 is the SH**

  25. sweetpeachboricua Says:

    Well I now ihave a sh%&ty sidekick lx 09 after having a blackberry and I must warn u all this phone is terrible!

  26. Joseph Says:

    I have jusy baughht an sidekick08 and it sucks I can’t get my ringtones from my email to save to my phone

  27. imDaBADDESSTbish Says:

    ? should upload rinqq toness foee da sidekick OH EIGHT(08) also . .nott everyonee hass da OH NINE(09) &: im suree noonee really wantss t2 buy rinqq toness expecially wen itss t2 shortt . .

  28. imDaBADDESSTbish Says:

    .smh . .diss thinqq suckss azz . .NO HELP WATT SO EV.AH !! l ? my babee tho 🙂

  29. rod Says:

    @dreamgirl how did you manage to jail break your sidekick. If you could just lmk what the basics are I can figure it out.

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