Got your T-Mobile Sidekick 2008 yet?

Sidekick 2008 with Shells

We’re hearing reports left and right from people that went in and already got their Sidekick 2008 from T-Mobile stores. How about you? Have you gotten it yet? How much did it cost? What do you think? What shells are you getting? Leave some comments below!

60 Responses to “Got your T-Mobile Sidekick 2008 yet?”

  1. DeeForbes Says:

    Can’t wait to get mine hopefully before next weekend. I still haven’t ordered it though.

  2. c Says:

    k so ive been wantin a sidekick lx for months… i was gonna get it but then today 8/4/08 i went into one of the tmobile stores an saw the new sidekick 2008!!! 0mfggg i loooove that lil muthafuckerrr…

    i want it now i think the new sidekick is better then the lx but thats jus my opinionn…

  3. treetop Says:

    hey wats good peeps i got da sidekick08 n its so tight it is 150 wit a 2 year contract but i had 2 pay $303 dollars because i dnt have credit yet, n it wS WORTH IT i luv it

  4. stefan Says:

    will it work on my European Sim card ?

  5. Anonymous Says:

    i paid 200 brande new from a guy.
    i abosolutely love mine =)

  6. stephaine Says:

    i got my sidekick 08 yesterday januray 23 and i want all the cases and i will like to no how much doo all oof dem cost??

  7. lynsey Says:

    i have a tmobile sim
    but i need free sk2008. ugh!
    i kno theres no one can give a free sk08.

  8. Vilolet Says:

    Mine only cost $100 no tax! =D and also go to my website
    Its called

  9. Vilolet Says:

    Mine only cost $100 no tax! =D and also go to my website
    Its called

  10. Anthony Says:

    Mine cost about $200 and i just got it for christmas December 25, 2009 it is very awesome and i love it
    where can i find my faves in it

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