Grab a Sidekick 2008 for only $49.99

T-mobile Sidekick 2008 for 49.99

If history is any indication, the new Sidekick 2009 is going to be expensive. Hopefully not as expensive as previous models though. If you’re the budget concerned Sidekick user, now is the time to pick up a Sidekick 2008 while they’re cheap and still in stock. T-Mobile is running a web-only promotion that will score you a Sidekick 2008 for only $49.99. Head on over to T-Mobile to check it out.

27 Responses to “Grab a Sidekick 2008 for only $49.99”

  1. Han Says:

    I think you made a typo. Should read “Grab a Sidekick 2008 for only $49.99” not 2009.

  2. just someone Says:

    fix the 2009 title to 2008 before people get upset 🙂

  3. Greggy C Says:

    I totally agree

  4. admin Says:

    Yeah, sorry about that.. Bad typo… or maybe wishful thinking. hehe

  5. Mike B Says:

    Haha, cute, but dang… nice price for a nice kick. Go at it guys if u wanna pony up the $50+ tax, S&H.

  6. stephy Says:

    maybe im not understanding or something but i just checked and the sidekick 2008 is $99.99 not $49.99??


    i was looking at the sidekick data plans… and omg for unlimited text and internet its $54.99.
    my jaw just like flew to the floor i felt so happy that i got the plan when it was cheaper and i only have to pay$20 for it. i feel bad for those getting a new sidekick now and need the unlimited and have to pay that much money to get it.

  7. stephy Says:

    oh wait now i see i was bein stupid
    it is $49.99
    my bad..

  8. jan Says:

    the sidekick 2009 is the ugly sidekick of them all so i think that the 08 is better!

  9. Tanya Says:

    i dont like the sidekick 08 cause its ugly but the 08 is a better phone than the 09 but im not trying 2 bust it out but no

  10. meme Says:

    Wait, the data plan is $54.99 now? I haven’t checked the data plan rates on tmo but I’m pretty sure the sidekick has a special data plan that is $34.99. I may be wrong tho.

  11. alex Says:

    it should be 34.99. i got the plan when it was only 20 bucks so i’m good to go.
    also does anyone have any idea as to how much the sidekick 09 is gonna be?

  12. 915rko Says:

    the data plan is 34.99. I know because I bought the slide in march and the plan was gaven to me at 24.99 not bad if you think about. I cancelled the plan when I got a new phone and when I jumped back with the 08, it was raised up to 34.99. so I’m pretty sure it won’t be higher unless they feel like making money. I think I should go work for tmobile =)

  13. Nizzle Says:

    The price didn’t raise to 34.99 from 24.99. The 24.99 you had was the unlimited internet with 400msg.

    34.99 is is unlimited everything (well, except minutes).

  14. Nizzle Says:


    To clarify, it raised from the only option of 19.99 to the 2 options of 24.99 and 34.99.

  15. Guy Says:

    All Sidekicks are 50 dollars off according to the Sidekick website

  16. Nicole Says:

    $54.99 is for just Sidekick data without minutes.

    If you have minutes, say a 300 minute MyFaves plan, then it’s $24.99 and up for the Sidekick data.

    $54.99 is if you’re just using the Sidekick as a computer, basically.

    ((This is how it was explained to me when I called T-Mobile today asking about rates.))

  17. crazyforiphones Says:

    That’s old news, I posted this sale over a month ago.

    Check the old posts.

  18. [MoBY!] Says:

    Man why would anyone ever even think of saying tha 08 is better than the 09? That’s impossible since tha 09 is a super upgraded version of the sidekick. The 08 doesn’t even compare to the 09 when it comes to feautures.. Throughout the sidekicks each fone just improves. There might be MINOR removals to tha 08 such as no flash but hey, flash never really helped on the lx pix juss madde them so bright u cud hardlty see what the picture was.. The 09 will have a high def screen+ way better kamera.. Not to mention all the new goodies they decide to throw in there… each sidekick is unique. The lx had the bigger screen, the id gave people the opportunity to have ana mazing txting device without it being so expensive (as like many other people I started off with an id until I racked up enough $ for an lx now I have tha 08), tha slide had the “slide” feauture, the 08 has the shells + it’s a mini version of tha lx but its a lot faster. If u choose a fone just because it loox tite but it has minimal capabilities.. Ur amking a stupid decision. Why wudnt u juss choose the fone with all these better upgraded + new geautures that make up for how the fone loox.. The id is a perfect example.. It isn’t the best looking fone but it takes care of business.

  19. [CRY] G h O s T Says:

    I still have the LX but I have the 08 also and personaly I love the LX but the blade is gonna be the shit =D

  20. Nicole Says:

    Now I have a question… I’ve only ever had one Sidekick and when I got this one I was like “I hope they get a 3G SK soon”…

    Will all my apps, ringtones, etc. transfer over to the new SK when I get it – or will I lose it all? (If I’m gonna lose it all, I’ll just not buy anything ’til the new one comes out.)

  21. muchacho Says:

    I don’t think you apps and everything will trade over hut I’ve only had a sidekick iD and then I got an iPhone. I’m swiching back to the sidekicks when the blade comes out…. or I might want to wait for the rumored touch screen sidekcik.

  22. Mike Says:

    Your apps will NOT transfer over. You’ll need to buy them again. That’s the part I don’t like about upgrading the SK. It’ll be my 3rd time =(

  23. Mike M. Says:

    @ Nicole.

    No, when you get a new Sidekick, you will lose all ringtones and applications. I actually had to re-purchase stuff 3 times. On my iD, 3, and current LX.

  24. ron Says:

    nice do not change that price

  25. ron Says:

    it is the right price i hope
    thats not a joke.

  26. Satrap Says:

    It’s $0 at Lets

  27. Mike M. Says:

    IMO, I think anyone who buys this is either a dipstick, or not interested in having a newer phone. (i.e. the Sidekick ’09).

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