Grammy Concert Tour sponsored by the T-Mobile Sidekick

Sidekick Grammy Tour

The 50th Grammy Celebration tour that kicks off in April is going to be sponsored by the T-Mobile Sidekick LX. The tour is going to hit 5 cities, with a different musician performing in each one. The press release says “The tour will provide music and Sidekick fans exclusive access to a concert tour featuring a broad lineup of GRAMMY-nominated and -winning artists”. T-Mobile is being hush hush about who is actually going to be performing. So far we only know the first artist is going to be John Legend, an R&B singer/songwriter/pianist who has won a handful of Grammy Awards. As for the other artists, it’s still unknown for now. Here’s what we do know so far though:

April 3rd
Chicago, IL
John Legend @ The Vic Theatre

April 9th
New York, NY
???? @ Webster Hall NYC

April 16th
Miami, FL

April 23rd
Dallas, TX

“Early May”
Los Angeles, CA

A limited amount of tickets for each of the stops on the tour will be available through special in-store contest giveaways at select T-Mobile stores in the 5 cities. But don’t worry, if you miss out on those opportunities in stores, you’ll have a chance to win the “VIP concert package” through

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  1. Ryan Yo Says:

    These things never come my way…

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