Here is a posting from the Employee only T-Mobile website

Speaking of TMobile, rumor has it that TMobile stores actually have demo units in the stores. So if you want to go check it out a few days early, go talk to your local TMobile rep.

26 Responses to “Here is a posting from the Employee only T-Mobile website”

  1. AJ Says:

    first. : )

  2. phguap Says:

    true, any rebates on these?

  3. Faufrey Says:

    im still concerd on how much current owners will have to pay.. if your not eligable to upgrade your plan(which im not) i guess youll have to pay the $400.. thats kinda shitty.

  4. phguap Says:

    what makes u uneligible faufrey?

  5. youngeurow Says:

    You have to have had the sk2 for at least 9 months and yea every store has the dummy at least in maryland thay do

  6. Marcofromda510 Says:

    If your quilified for the Maximuim Discounts, the representitive said you will get possible rebates, not a 100% sure thing but its pretty likely, I’m quilified

  7. phguap Says:

    ive talked to a tmobile rep, she said that your previous phone (in this case havin a sk2 for 9 months) has nothin to do with ur eligibility. its ur current plan that they consider for ur eligibility, but she said we will know more details on the 28th by loggin in at t-mobile

  8. orlandoxx69 Says:

    still bored

  9. orlandoxx69 Says:

    still bored here

  10. Faufrey Says:


    well i hope thats true because ive only been with them for 2 months. i just have a funny feeling ill have to pay full price.. I love my SK so i definatly will, but of course i dont want to. theres still a few things that im dissapointed about with it which is why $400 seems a bit much.

  11. Ya Boy B Says:

    that shit looked photoshopped like…maybe im just seeing things…but ill let you guys be the judge…

  12. TheDemo Says:

    Im going to wait until the 28th, I could whip that up in photoshop in 3 minutes.

  13. SidekickStar330 Says:

    Ya Boy B on June 24, 2006 at 5:18 pm said:

    that shit looked photoshopped like…maybe im just seeing things…but ill let you guys be the judge…

    I agree…looks photoshoped…if its from the t-mobile employee site only why is all that info stuff we already know about?

  14. phguap Says:

    yea wait for the 28th

  15. Mr.SK3 Says:

    Are the demo phone working or are they Dummy phones (fake phones that dont work)(show only)?

  16. TheCake2005 Says:

    i went into my t-mobile store in cleveland and they had a demo unit of the sidekick 3 so i am pretty sure every place else should have it

  17. phguap Says:

    yea they are everywhere, they just arent allowed to show it yet

  18. thirtythreezero Says:

    yea, i got to play with the real thing at at Sacramento, CA t-mobile store yesterday. so much fun!

  19. Mr.SK3 Says:

    Just got back from the T-Mobile store in AZ and they dident have the demo SK3. And they guy that worked there is a complete loser. He told me that the SK3 is coming out late Aug. And was going to cost over $400. This guy is one BIG stupid loser 😛

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  25. Anonymous Says:

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  26. Cypekimmity Says:

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