High Res Marketing shot of the Sidek!ck 3

High resolution photo of Sidekick III / Sidek!ck 3
Here’s a huge high-res image of the Sidek!ck 3. Looks like TMobile has their marketing all set to launch. ๐Ÿ™‚

40 Responses to “High Res Marketing shot of the Sidek!ck 3”

  1. SK_III Says:

    FIRST! looks hot

  2. tonightwestorm Says:

    finally!!! no more crappy colored, poorly lit, photoshopped home movie pictures..
    let this be proof for all the doubtful people with the “SK3 is a myth” stance..
    now if we could only figure out how the little nob thing on the right works..

  3. djdarkx Says:

    I see that you posted the image I have on my Photobucket account. Glad I could make it whole. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  4. frankzotynia10 Says:

    there was an early rourmer i had heard about the screen sliding up on the sk3. the screen defenetly flips up opposed to sliding up. look at the sidekick “emblems” on the top of the screen. if if didn’t flip up, why would they put one upside down on the other side.

  5. frankzotynia10 Says:

    PS – imo it looks effing awesome

  6. s4xton Says:

    Nice. You own, man.

  7. CJ Says:

    is that an error or is that really an exclamation point in place for the i?

  8. oracle Says:

    No error… the old sidekick had the same exact logo with the exclamation point.

  9. oracle Says:

    The screen appears to be more square than the sidekick II.

  10. FutrExec01 Says:

    good GOD it HAS to be a sin to look that good!! find someone else to promote this baby…paris just wont cut it ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. KoryHutchinson Says:

    Ur retarded….look at ur own sidekick….it has always been “s!dekick” hence the flip action….can’t wait….

  12. KoryHutchinson Says:

    Oops meant “sidek!ck”

  13. johnnycake Says:

    im eleventh!!!!!!!! whoooooo!!!!!

    Hi live in beverly hills and i won’t be getting the sidekick because my mom doesn’t wanna buyit for me. She’s a bitch. i mean HELLO they have alot of money but they don’t want to buy it!!!!!!

  14. johnnycake Says:

    i hope the sidekick lights up. I think the nub is going to be like the little wheel of my apple’s mighty mouse.

  15. FutrExec01 Says:

    get a job and buy one…youll feel better about it in the end ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. johnnycake Says:

    They won’t let me get one. That’s why i can’t get it. Th SkIII seems like a mini computer do you think it will support flash.

    PS:Oh yeah my family is wealthy idon’t need a job just my parents are just being bitchy they don’t wanna buy me a sidekick. i can’t even get a car. hello i’m 16

  17. batman Says:

    ouch…the supposed “ebay presale” says $599.99 for the sidekick. seems like a hefty pricetag. any1 know of any verifiable price rumors. and if its really 599.99, how much for the sidekick 3 with a new contract?

  18. AcE Says:

    That’s on ebay. If you had a sidekick 3, wouldn’t you want to make money off of it? They (the person with the sidekick3, if it’s real) knows you want it and they know someone will pay that, maybe even more… And to johnny cake, I’m 16 too, just ask ur “wealty” parents for money then just buy the phone itself and put ur sim card in it.. Most likely it won’t work (the “How to get a sidekick3 plan” lol.), but it’s an idea, good luck..

    Oh and about the sidek!ck 3 pic.. OMFG! Can’t wait to get it!!!

  19. Sidekick III Says:

    omg, i look SO GOOD! i could make love to myself. i wish i had myself? yes

  20. johnnycake Says:

    can’t happen they don’t give me cash i have this credit card so that my dad knows what i buy. they kill if they knew i would get without their permission.

    Question: Is it going to support flash!!!

    I can’t do nothing. I have to keep using my sisters Dolce and Gabbana gold cellphone it’s so gay thats why she gave it ot me.( it’s a crappy RAZR)

  21. johnnycake Says:

    G.A.Y its gay!!!!!!!

  22. johnnycake Says:

    I can’t belive it. Why does paris get one and i don’t. That skinny B.itc.H doesn’t deserve it.

    If my perents don’t wanna buy me one i’ll tell them i’ll steal one and ruin the family name. Thats my “How to get a sidekick plan” thanks for the idea. I hope the sidekick worth it because it better, in my situation ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. CJDynasty Says:

    S.E.X.Y. Pure sexy. I cant wait.


    why are both of the T-Mobile sk3 “marketing pictures” at angles ?? (just wondering)

  25. SidekickStar330 Says:

    i like the new hiptop 3 look!

  26. AcE Says:

    What’s the “family name”?? Lol… Don’t go crazy!… And how do you know paris has one??

    Don’t know why there are angles in all the pics, I guess angles makes it look better.. Like a girl with a big booty looks better at an angle..LOL

  27. FutrExec01 Says:

    this phone is too frickin sexy for paris

    and to psychicsidekick something-or-other, lol umm its most likely at an angle because its more interesting that way, a straight on frontal shot is boring to the masses supposedly, kinda the same reason why in movies a character is positioned at either the left or the right of the screen…to keep it interesting instead of dull, if any of that made sense

  28. ilikeeggs Says:

    johnnycake what skool do u go to?

  29. johnnycake Says:

    B.H.P.S U KNOW BY OLYMPIC BLV. Beverly Hills Prep School u in there two.Totally sucks.
    By family name i mean the prestige of the family name. DUH!!!. you know like if they find out something bad about a person in the family then the other families are going to think bad of the other one………….. quite confusing uum its really retarded i mean my mom is the one that cares.

    Oh i asked my momif i can get the sk she said no again. she is such a BITCH. Do u people think that by the time when im 18 the sidkeick will still be available???
    cuz im getting alot of money from my college fund!!!!!!!!!! WHOOOOOOO FOR ME. And im buying one without my parents!!!! suck on THAT!!!

  30. baxter Says:

    -you in there too- not two. not TWO bright for a kid in a prep school. just messing with ya.. but yeah this picture is disgusting and i want one.

  31. Jeph Says:

    Certain “wealthy” individuals have a habit of embarrassing themselves in this forum.

    Me? Seething with envy? . . . Never. ;D

    That picture sure is purdy.

  32. AcE Says:

    Lol at jeph. And to johnny, you want a sidekick 3 when you are 18??

  33. handy ne.ws Says:

    Erste Bilder des Danger Hiptop 3 online

    Auf hiptop3.com ist ein erstes Bilde des Danger Hiptop 3, der von T-Mobile als Sidekick 3 angeboten wird aufgetaucht. Das auch als “Blackberry fรผr Konsumenten” bezeichnete Gerรคt hat seine Zielgruppe in genau dem Markt, dem ein Blackberry …

  34. orlandito_colucci Says:

    i love the pic thats my future baby and im only 15 so im gonna be a young dad lol so im hope it comes out to june thats the only thing im askin for and i dont care if its 300.00 i just want it to be 300.00 or less or ill wont buy it lol and i love what uve done to the place its kwl i love it ok !!! byebye

  35. Woahh Says:

    Mmmm! Looks great.

  36. paige Says:

    i love ittttt. so are we basically 100% sure this thing is coming out around June 26th-ish?

  37. orlandito_colucci Says:

    i hope so ๐Ÿ™‚ or ill cry:'(

  38. orlandito_colucci Says:


  39. Dennis Says:

    quien me puede mandar el manual en espaรฑol de el modelo pside!ck3 a la direccion dennisalfa@gmail.com para o me dice como ponerlo en spanish

  40. Anonymous Says:

    como puedo conseguir el mqanual del sidek!ck

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