Hiptop 3 Manual is up on Danger

Remember that link we told you to watch out for awhile back? The manual for the Sidekick 3 / Hiptop 3 is now up on Danger’s site. We haven’t had a chance to go through it in depth, as we’re on vacation and rushing to catch up on all the news that happened while we were away from the keyboard. Trusty Hiptop3.com readers, let us know if you find any new info in there.

One thing we did notice is the name of the music player. While TMobile is calling it the Music Player (as we saw on the actual device this weekend), the Sidekick manual is calling it the SonicBOOM Music Player, and it looks much cooler than what we remember. Then again, when we got a chance to play with it, it was on a beach and it was dark.

The manual also mentions MMS (Multimedia Messaging for those that aren’t into the whole brevity thing). As in the past, it looks like TMobile is denying their Sidekick users the joys of MMSing, but the Sidekick 3 does have the capability.

And one last thing the manual reminded us of was the new functionality in the camera as far as increasing the quality of the photos taken. You can now set photo size, flash, exposure, sharpness, fluorescent light filtering, and JPEG quality (compression).

Let us know if you guys notice anything else of interest in the manual by posting in the comments!

9 Responses to “Hiptop 3 Manual is up on Danger”

  1. Matthew Says:

    First and loves it!

  2. crack2311 Says:


  3. Racx Says:

    Looks like there’s a feature to “record” our own ringtones. I’m pretty sure though that T-mobile will nix that in it’s configuration.

  4. Britne Says:

    wow i fall in love over and over again with this amazing machine ='(

  5. fourplay3142 Says:

    Thank you lord…MMS!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!

  6. chrissy Says:

    sidekickII had mmsing as well except on tmo

    why would they do that? i’d think that mms would be super popular with the teeny bopper crowd

  7. chrissy Says:

    chrissy on June 20, 2006 at 9:48 pm said:

    sidekickII had mmsing as well except on tmo

    why would they do that? i’d think that mms would be super popular with the teeny bopper crowd

    that’s to say.. I’m really upset that a new phone is coming out with all these neat features and i still can’t send mms like EVERY OTHER NEW DEVICE in the universe or set my own ringtones

    I tried the mda and I just didn’t like it..

    but maybe i should look at something else.. it seems like a waste to pay for all that phone and not get simple features found on the “free” phones you get now

  8. floatingtiger Says:

    It DOES have MMS!

    I don’t know what %^&! T-Mobile is talking about, the Danger Manual says it all!!!

    Look at this link, https://help.sidekick.dngr.com/en-us/manual/m2/R3.0/Desktop/T02030.html#1095709

    Scroll down a little and look at the second screen shot on the page, there are little icons next to the receiced messages, one is for pictures, another for music, and a THIRD FOR VIDEO!!! SK3 can do it. Enough said.

  9. n64ssb Says:

    moron, look a little further down, it says that icon is for when theres music and pictures, not video…

    and i personally hope that it has MMS, but i dont think it will (WITH T-MOBILE) if u look at the top of the MMS page it says “This application is not available in all product configurations. Product configurations vary by wireless operator.” Since Tmo is the primary provider for the Hiptop, thats probably why they even bother to mention this. because it probably wont work with tmo… but i still am hoping that it will. and i hope video comes later (i dont care about video recording, but i want video playback.)

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