Hiptop.com is dying

We (along with several others I’m sure) just got word that the hiptop.com forums are on their way out. A new site is ready to take their place, PoweredByDanger.com. Hiptop.com is going to stay alive, but Danger says it will probably be phased out by the end of 2007, only 3 more months to go. The hiptop.com forums are mirrored in a read-only fashion on the new site, and the accounts of the top posters (about 50 or so) were migrated. Everyone else will have to create a new account. Sorry guys, guess Danger rewards those that are active. 🙂 For anyone (all 10 of you) that had a hiplog on hiptop.com, your blog won’t be migrated over and you’ll have to start a new one on the new site.

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