We received the following from a reader:

Hello – I work for T-Mobile Publications. I can’t say much about the picture I’ve sent you, except that it SHOULD appear in the bottom left corner of a Sidekick 3 ad in People Magazine in July. It was the best photo I could get with my “status” here at T-Mobile, this picture is on our private server site (It’s classified, also you need a staff password to enter anyway).

The image looks like it’s for Hiptunes, which is the Music OS for the Sidekick 3. The file name under the server was placement_Bottomleft86 – I’m not sure what the 86 is, tags don’t usually have numbers but it could be an indication to the page number. Noticing two new “slogans”, “get hip, be hip” and “music with a kick” – these are in fact registered with USPTO (www.uspto.gov) Looks like Hiptunes

We’re not sure what they mean by “Music OS” as we have heard different names for the music capabilities of the Sidekick 3. We haven’t reported those findings because we want to confirm them as truth first. On a related note, there’s already a site called Hiptunes.info where you can get songs sent to you to listen to on your Sidekick already.

6 Responses to “Hiptunes?”

  1. johnnycake Says:


  2. johnnycake Says:

    the sk 3 is here check it OUT!!!!!!


  3. Administrator Says:

    hehe how many times you going to try that one johnny? 🙂 You know noone can resist clicking.. just in case!

  4. johnnycake Says:


  5. lokpaso Says:

    If you want to listen to music on the sk2, http://www.sidekicktones.com is crazy delicious.

  6. cutemoby Says:

    I got the sidekick2008 niggas

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